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4 Fascinating Ways to Deal With Washroom Odour

Taking care of your workplace washroom is a necessity. By doing so, you protect your staff from health risks, such as infections.

Above all, you also keep the environment smelling clean and fresh.

It’s no secret that bad smells may repel clients, suppliers and visitors from your business.

It deters them from stepping into your washrooms, making them search for a cleaner option.

This shouldn’t be the case.

So, how can you deal with workplace malodour?

Doing it on your own can be difficult, which is why there’s the option to hire professional assistance. This is how top-ranking businesses stay ahead of the game.

Taking the needs of your staff into consideration ensures they remain loyal.

These four brilliant tips will help you tackle bad washroom odour in no time!

Use the Best Urinal Products Available

The key to maintaining a constant fragrance is by using high-grade cleaning products.

For starters, purchase urinal cakes.

Did you know the term ‘’urinal cake’’ originates from Benjamin Franklin? While using the Franklin stove, John Hancock knocked cakes into a urine pot, which absorbed the smell. Imagine that!

Today, they protect urinals from lingering odours and the accumulation of bacteria. These perfumed urinal blocks come in tabs to retain the product quality.

Below are instructions on using urinal cakes:

  • Open the pail packaging.
  • Wear gloves and take one tab out.
  • Place the blue cake at the bottom of the urinal.
  • Re-seal the packaging and store in a cool, dry place.

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Bastion Latex Lightly Powdered Gloves Large 100
Bastion Latex Powder Free Gloves

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Urinal Tabs Deodorising and Sanitising Treatment
Fresh & Clean Urinal Tabs

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Also, these tabs comprise of dichlorobenzene, which keeps insects away from your closets and washroom urinals.

The heavy-duty tab deodorises your urinal for up to 30 days. After this period, it begins to dissolve and the fragrance diminishes. Such visual indicators are great reminders to replace the cake with a new one.

What’s more, invest in urinal screens. Place this thin and round product above the cake block.

It contributes to odour control and doubles as a preventative measure to stop debris, such as chewing gum, from clogging urinals. As a result, it offers an effective means to keeping your workplace urinals free-flowing.

Remember to replace the urinal screen every 30 days.

Ensure There Is Adequate Washroom Ventilation

Ever wonder why your washroom is stuffy? Well, poor ventilation is a popular cause of musty washroom smells. This keeps the bad odour in and makes your workers feel uncomfortable.

The best way forward is to keep your washroom windows open at all times. Fresh, outside air flows into the washroom and diffuses any bad smells.

Great air circulation also prevents a humid washroom environment. With better humidity control, your workplace washroom will no longer get stuffy. In turn, this creates a pleasant washroom experience.

Citrus Power Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner Sanitiser
Fresh & Clean Citrus Power

Along with that, the growth of washroom bacteria minimises. Harmful bacteria that cause infections and sore throats are common in high-traffic washrooms. In a cool environment, they are less likely to thrive and harm your employees.

Do you have mould in your washrooms? This is also brought about by having a humid washroom.

To stagnate its growth, keep your washroom humidity levels to less than 50%. This lowers the chances of your workers contracting respiratory illnesses.

You can also reduce mould spores by scrubbing surfaces with exceptional disinfecting products. Together, these efforts free your washroom from common bacteria and fungi.

Last but not least, for all the above to happen, you need to maintain functional air vents.

Clean them often to prevent moisture retention. This guarantees the air flowing into your washroom is safe.

Flush Your Urinals

It’s easy to underestimate the benefits of flushing. This shouldn’t be the case.

Flushing toilets and urinals can either make or break your workplace washroom.

For one, it improves sanitation.

Washrooms have as much foot traffic as the workspace, meaning it’s imperative to keep them clean. Regular flushing eliminates leftover waste and germs from the interior of urinals.

Flushing also terminates pungent smells. The swirling water distributes the smells up into the air. Free-flowing air from open washroom windows carries the bad odours up and out of the washroom.

Do you need to supervise urinal flushing? No, you don’t.

With an automatic flushing system, all you need is to activate the sensor and it flushes on its own.

An auto-flushing system is:

Air fresheners
Install our amazing wall-mounted Air Fresheners in your washroom
  • Economic. They are pocket-friendly and consume less energy than traditional means of flushing.
  • Cleaner. Flush handles are a common touchpoint. Eliminating physical contact reduces the risk of germ transfer.
  • Easier to use. All you need to do is stand nearby the sensor and it activates the flushing mechanism.
  • Eco-friendly. When the sensor isn’t active, the urinal doesn’t flush. This prevents an unnecessary waste of water.

Over and above, let the professionals install automatic air fresheners in your washrooms.

With delightful scents to choose from, these air fresheners subtly release their scent. They keep your washrooms fresh-smelling at all times.

No need to worry if they run out, as there’s regular servicing every eight weeks at your convenience.

Clean Your Urinals Well

Splashbacks are a common urinal incident. They are notorious for staining washroom floors and attracting insects.

But, with outstanding cleaning products in your possession, there is no need to panic. These products serve to cut sticky stains.

Use these products to wipe down your walls, floor tiles and urinal exteriors. Rinse the surfaces to leave them sparkling and perfumed.

Remember to include wet-area mats near urinals to absorb waste that may splash over. These are a high-quality solution to your stained floors.

Without any hassle, these mats are tailored to fit your workplace washroom needs. For a single annual fee, your worries of dirty and worn-out mats are long gone, leading to a sanitary washroom.

Take the Next Step

Biological Washroom Treatment Products
Biological Treatment

It’s important to have professional cleaning services that provide deep cleaning and biological treatment services. These eco-friendly processes disinfect hard-to-reach washroom areas, keeping them free from grime.

That being so, give your washroom the five-star treatment it deserves. Contact your local experts today and liberate your urinals from clogged drains.

Through the use of our green products and processes, you are sure to enforce your company’s values. From this, you attract similar-minded business partners and clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a fast and free quote from Alsco New Zealand today!

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