Food Processing

Flawless hygiene and sanitary conditions according to New Zealand standards are necessary in food preparation workplaces. Alsco can help you reach, maintain and improve these hygienic levels in your workplace by offering you perfectly cleaned workwear, wipes, continuous towels, hand hygiene systems, washroom services and first aid.


The smart and professional looking attire is important for any food processing  business in New Zealand. Design means a lot, but if the workwear isn’t sparkling clean, it won’t leave the impression you need. Alsco offers a wide range of uniforms that will make your staff look amazing while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene, at the same time.


It’s a given that workplace environments in the food processing industry must be kept as clean and tidy as possible. That’s why you should think about our Alsco Mat Service which helps protect your floors from dirt and premature wear plus reduces the risks that come with slippery surfaces. Our mats offer your high traffic entrance areas protection against a build up of dust and dirt while our Non Slip Mats are a smart addition to areas where spills happen. Alsco Anti Fatigue Mats can also be beneficial for staff where they are required to stand for long periods.


It goes without saying that any workplace involved with the handling of food, must maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene. That includes how your staff and customers wash and dry their hands. From your food preparation areas to staff hygiene to your washrooms, you’ll find our Continuous Towel has a multitude of uses. We also offer our industrial wipes, a cost effective way to clean almost any surface, while the water based Alsco Ecowasher is the safer, economical way to clean mechanical parts.

First Aid

Food, knives, machines, appliances, hot water are everywhere in food processing workplaces around New Zealand. All these items can cause serious injuries to your staff. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you contact Alsco to equip you with all the necessary First Aid supplies. We offer different types of First Aid Kits, Eyewash Station and even Automated External Defibrillator.


The obvious reasons for maintaining clean workplace washroom include keeping your workplace bacteria-free. However, there are many other reasons to try Alsco’s Managed Washroom Service, like improving your company image, increasing the productivity of your employees and making your entire workplace a much better place to be. Alsco has all you need to reach that goal. We offer systems for hand washing and drying, odour control, washroom cleaning and even feminine hygiene elements.