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Alsco Uniforms - the food garment experts

No-one else in New Zealand does hygienic supply of garments to food manufacturing like Alsco Uniforms does.  We supply to more food manufacturing businesses, for longer, and with a greater record of unbroken quality, than anyone else in the industry.  And we are the only ones to offer nationwide JLS-compliant dedicated positive pressure cleanroom laundering for the ultimate in guaranteed garment hygiene.


Industry Leading Food Safety

This purpose designed Food Industry Workwear Range, features the latest fabrics and modern designs that are safe, comfortable and easy to maintain while meeting the applicable health and safety guidelines

Your team are the first line of defence against contamination, and there is no point having strict redline and hygiene rules if the garments they wear themselves are a contaminant risk. Alsco Uniforms are the specialists in contaminant free workwear for food processing, a reputation hard earned over many decades of safe, contaminant-free supply to NZ’s largest food manufacturing businesses.

We both thoroughly sterilise your used clothing and deliver it straight to you as part of Alsco Uniform’s rented food industry workwear service.

Food industry deals with food manufacturing, processing, or packaging. This means that the hygienic standards need to be set very high and your staff is the first line of defence. Even just a little bit of dirt can have catastrophic consequences.

That’s why the main idea behind Alsco Uniform’s rented food industry services is flawless hygiene and cleanliness. That’s our top priority. Our managed rental service ensures you’ll always have workwear that is laundered to the highest industrial standards delivered to your doorstep – in time. Every time.

Alsco Uniforms has been in the business for over a century. Let our experience work for you. Our flexible range of food industry workwear…

Can boost your company image by displaying your brand

Offers different patterns, sizes and styles

Keeps all the germs and bacterial infections at bay acting as a first line of defence

Sourced from only the highest-quality manufacturers in New Zealand

Alsco Uniform’s range of purpose designed Food Processing workwear delivers a clean, professional and hygienic image for our customers while meeting the applicable health and safety guidelines of the industry.

This long sleeve dairy overall is made with high-quality fabric that offers toughness and durability. It has a wider space along the underarm area to allow you to move better.

Food preparation means a lot of stains and a lot of sanitary guidelines. Long Sleeve Polycotton Food Overall meets all those demands. It protects your employees from splatter and stains, but it also offers them comfort and flexibility of movement.

With Alsco Uniform’s Managed Rental Service, you don’t even have to worry about how to keep them perfectly clean and ironed.

Short sleeves on this overall allow a lot of flexibility in movement and a lot more pleasant wear in the summer months. Still, it provides for good protection. Domes, pockets and other details are concealed so they don’t come in touch with the food, so that all possible cross-contamination is prevented.

Excellent short sleeve overall made especially to meet the demands of the food processing industry. The fabric is breathable and sturdy and the design is perfect for food processing facilities. No static, no lint, no food caught on the buttons, zips and other details. Pockets are internal, so that all stains and splatter are easily removed.



It’s a given that workplace environments in the manufacturing industry must be kept as clean and tidy as possible. That’s why you should think about our Alsco Uniforms Mat Service which helps protect your floors from dirt and premature wear plus reduces the risks that come with slippery surfaces. Our mats offer your high traffic entrance areas protection against a build up of dust and dirt while our Non Slip Mats are a smart addition to areas where spills happen to ensure staff safety. Alsco Uniform’s Anti Fatigue Mats too can be beneficial for staff where they are required to stand for long periods.



Food manufacturing usually involves tools, a lot of machinery and many tasks done by hand. All those present significant health and safety risks and that is why you need a comprehensive first aid plan. Specialised First Aid Kits that Alsco Uniform offers are always up to date, well-stocked and regularly refilled. Together with the Eye Wash Station and the Automated External Defibrillator, they offer what you need for a safe workplace.

There are so many things that can go wrong in only one working day when your business is in the manufacturing industry. It is not all about cuts and bruises that you can easily fix with a well supplied Alsco Uniform First Aid Kit. It is also about containing the spills of dangerous chemicals, providing first aid to those who fall victim to a cardiac arrest. That’s why Alsco Uniforms offers Spill Kits, as well as Defibrillators.


A Hygienic Washroom Is A Key Part Of Your Site Hygiene Plan

All workplaces in all industries need to be diligent when it comes to maintaining high hygiene standards. However, it is doubly important when you’re in the business of making food products. You can still do it more easily with the help of Alsco Uniform’s Fresh & Clean Managed Hygiene and Washroom Rental programs. They include thorough and functional hand drying and hand washing systems, as well as services that make washrooms in any workplace completely clean and sanitary.


The Simple Solution to your Consumable Product Hassles

Alsco Uniforms offers an amazing variety of hygiene and cleaning consumables that keep production areas, redline environments, washrooms, cafeterias and other parts of your workplace, clean, hygienic and presentable with the option of regular restocking. Let Alsco Uniforms worry about your soap, tissues, napkins, wipes, cloths, bin liners, cafeteria and other consumables that need regular refills.

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