Education workplaces need to be thoroughly cleaned, especially if children frequent that facility. Generally, there are two critical points to keep in mind when trying to maintain the highest hygiene levels: washrooms and floors. That’s where all the germs come from. Alsco New Zealand will help with both of these. Our dirt, bacteria and dust controlling floor mats will prevent these nasty infection-spreaders to invade your facilities. Perfectly equipped washrooms that are never left without soap, hand sanitiser or odour control units. You don’t have to worry about them because Alsco deals with all of it.


Not all education facilities require uniforms from the staff and the students. However, your canteen staff, janitors and other maintenance staff will need appropriate garments. Alsco can help you by offering a wide range of uniforms that can cater to those needs. Take a look at what we offer and improve the state of your educational business.


When all those students come into your education facility, together with educators and the maintenance staff, it is bound to get busy and a bit dirty. All those soles carry the dust, dirt and germs from the outside. But, if you use Alsco’s floor mats, all that dangerous germs will be stopped right at the entrance. Also, our anti-fatigue mats can be just the thing that your canteen employees need since they stand for a long time. How about boosting your school spirit with the school name on huge floor mats? We can provide it!

First Aid

Many students in one place always means there will be some sort of trouble or at least some minor injury. That’s why you need to have a lot of First Aid Kits all around your education facility, so you can provide your staff and your students with proper care. Make your business a safe place and prevent major accidents by administering first aid and making the regularly restocked kits nearby at all times.


When the washrooms in educational facilities aren’t perfectly clean, you soon have a real contagion on your hands. Bacteria, viruses and other germs spread fastest via dirty hands and by picking them in unsanitary washrooms. Washrooms in educational establishments are quite frequented, so they need regular maintenance and regular restocking. Alsco offers the perfect service that guarantees for sanitary and hygienic conditions and keeps your employees and students safe.