Deep Cleaning

However hard you try, regular cleaning services will always leave something behind. It is just too hard to reach all the difficult areas and scrub all the dirt away. That’s why, in time, you need a more thorough and systematic cleaning.

Otherwise, you are risking the health of your employees and visitors, as well as your business reputation.

Alsco’s Deep Cleaning services offer just what you need. We clean every little detail of your workplace washroom, down to the every single tile.

Our systems rely on powerful chemicals and high-tech equipment. Both of these are designed especially for complete elimination of dirt, filth, uric acid buildups and different germs. All that is left is a spotlessly clean, sanitary and healthy washroom.

As part of Alsco’s managed rental service, we will regularly clean your washrooms on a schedule chosen by yourself. We already provide this service to many businesses in New Zealand. Browse Alsco’s Deep Cleaning services below!

Deep Clean Service

The old and stubborn stains and uric acid buildups are almost impossible to get rid of. Almost! Alsco Deep Clean is a 4-step process that eliminates all sorts of dirt, grime and filth. It is absolutely effective on toilets, showers and other washroom elements. This is a systematic and thorough cleaning process that leaves you with a sparkling clean environment without damaging the surfaces.

  • Elaborate 4-step cleaning process
  • Tested and proven chemicals used in 2-3 rounds of scrubbing
  • Additional steam cleaning option
  • Regular cleaning included in your price

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Biological Treatment

Our revolutionary Biological Treatment doesn’t offer you another solution that involves toxic chemicals. We offer something completely different and 100 times better. Our answer to your washroom woes are bacteria-hungry microbes. When Alsco treats your washrooms, these “bugs” devour all germs, bacteria, fungi and even uric acid buildups.

  • Highly effective, permanent solution
  • Removes uric acid buildups and germs alike
  • Never damages washroom services
  • Environmentally friendly

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“You services our branch with an awesome attitude…”

Shaan Antunovich , Manager, Education Action


On behalf of Education Action we would just like to say a huge thank you to your employee Margaret who completes this service to the very best of her ability.

We very much appreciate the work she does and if it was not for her, we would have never had known what was wrong with our urinals. It was on her recommendation that we get them looked at.

By doing this she could help us fix the problem before it got much worse and for that we want to say thank you.

We appreciate all that Margaret and Fresh and Clean do and we look forward to working with your team in the future.

Thanks a Million.

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