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Alsco at the 2018 Auckland City Mission CookOff

Throughout its 150 year history, Alsco has been doing business with a greater vision in mind.

For us, it’s not just business and profits.

We strive to implement environmental policies in all that we do and our global mission is to positively impact our community.

We believe it is our responsibility as business leaders to serve our local communities.

It All Boils Down to Community Support

Alsco has been practising corporate social responsibility through various programs and partnerships.

Our previous engagements include providing fresh bandages to SPCA and helping the SHINE organization assist with victims of domestic abuse with our sheets and First Aid Kits in 2016.

Joining a Textile Waste Minimizing Program and involvement in Million Metres Streams Project were the highlights of 2017.

On March 7th, 2018 Mark Roberts, the CEO of Alsco NZ is participating in the Auckland City Mission CookOff. It’s a local charity event where top chefs and business leaders will support less privileged Aucklanders. They will be fundraising, preparing food and hosting a special meal.

About the Auckland City Mission

The Auckland City Mission is a registered charitable trust. From 1920 onwards, it has been actively engaged in helping those in desperate need.

As one of Auckland’s most significant social service providers, it focuses on offering help to poverty-stricken individuals and homeless people. But they also deal with the marginalized elderly group and those struggling with addictions.

The Mission offers crisis services, providing emergency support in food and clothing in a time of crisis. Its Health Centre offers primary health care services at minimal cost to the most marginalized Auckland residents. The services are granted to those people who otherwise wouldn’t have regular access to a GP.

The Mission further assists the elderly who live in isolated conditions and have trouble meeting their basic needs. It addresses the issues of Auckland rough sleepers. Besides providing them hospitality, it tends to their social needs and offers skill development.

The Social Detoxification Service offers help to people with addiction problems, including detoxification.

But the Mission is not only dealing with here-and-now problem-solving. It devises strategies to help struggling Aucklanders in the long run – thinking about how to enhance their future prospects.

Here’s the Auckland City Mission 2017 overview. This is what they accomplished with the help of donors and contributors:

  • Distribute 13,714 emergency food parcels to struggling families and individuals
  • Successfully house 128 homeless people
  • Provide 7,977 doctor consultations to high-need patients
  • Admit 390 people to residential drug & alcohol detoxification

About the Auckland City CookOff

The Auckland City Mission staff comes across heartbreaking life stories that have roots in deeper social issues. It’s not unusual for people who are reaching for their help to repeatedly experience the scenario of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

It’s far from easy to escape the vicious circle of poverty. Of homelessness, addiction, or marginalization. Therefore, vulnerable Aucklanders need continuous support from the local community.

Having those things in mind, the Mission strives to inspire as many people as possible to join in and help. CEO CookOff is one of the initiatives to engage the leading businesses in helping those individuals.

At the CookOff the participants will compete in groups, where each team will be assisted by a celebrated Auckland chef. They will be cooking meals for families in crisis and homeless Aucklanders. And it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of entertainment along the way, does it?

The idea is to gather people of different social strata around something as universal as a meal. To facilitate social intermingling and enable local businesses to positively influence the community.

The participants are spearheading fundraising campaigns in other to reach the Mission’s goal of $250,000 for their food services. The raised funds will help provide 3,846 emergency food parcels for families in need.

Alsco’s in the Game

Mark Roberts, Alsco New Zealand CEO, recognized the Misson’s work as something truly valuable. It didn’t take him long to decide to get behind this good cause.

This is how he addressed the public in his Auckland City Mission CookOff campaign:

“I’m inspired by the work that Auckland City Mission do, interested in what I can do in some small way to help them to raise money so that they can continue to build on the great work they do. Please support my participation in the Auckland City Mission CookOff 2018, and help me to help them by donating to this worthy cause.”

Beginning on 15th December 2017 Mark Robert’s campaign has gathered an impressive number of supporters.

Alsco’s valued suppliers, customers and partners stepped up to support this wonderful cause with their generous donations. Here is the list of our supporters. The number is overwhelming!

[b3_column lg=”3″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

[b3_column lg=”3″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

[b3_column lg=”3″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

  • Peter Dean
  • Daniel Smith
  • Wendy Harvey
  • Paul Ladbrook
  • Jason Kay
  • Cris Cooper
  • Johnson Family
  • Hickey Clan
  • Scott Kittelty
  • Cameron Rout
  • Dave G
  • Paul Gardiner
  • Leane Roberts
  • Devon Roberts
  • Roy
  • Charlene and David Woodhead
  • Warren Wishnowski
  • Steve Barden
  • Brett Roberts
  • Dean and Tracey Jones
  • Peter Masefield
  • Mike Bernath

[b3_column lg=”3″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

  • Yunqi Deng
  • Hendra Sukardi
  • Tom Som
  • Mike Compton
  • Catherine Charteris
  • Richard and Jessica Mahood
  • Lynne and Gavin Smith
  • Rebecca Rabson
  • Spencer  Tait
  • Aby Castady- Kristament
  • Danielle Vercoe
  • Sue Ren
  • Kurt Petherbridge
  • Jared McGregor
  • Scott Bason
  • Bronwyn Write
  • Pat Munro
  • Blundy
  • Doug Graham
  • John Gibbs
  • Matthews Packaging and Hygiene


The fact that numbers were rising at a rocketing rate prompted Mark to reevaluate the target, extending his goal from $20,000, $25,000 until it reached $32,816.22. When the target funds reached $32,816.22, he did not reset the target anymore. These were Mark’s words upon realising how numerous and generous the contributions were:

“Woohoo! – the generosity of all contributors is overwhelming. When I started I never dreamed we would get to $32,816.22. It just demonstrates that goodwill and caring are innate qualities in Kiwis – not going to reset the target but will continue collecting for this wonderful organisation that doesn’t judge – they simply help those in less fortunate circumstances. Please don’t stop just because my campaign has met the goal!

A special mention to the Suppliers of Alsco that have really made the difference – unbelievable – you have been fantastic. I believe the strength of our Supply partnerships, the loyalty and honesty in our relationships has made it easy for you to say yes, and for that I sincerely thank you.”

In a little over a month, Mark managed to raise over $32,816.22 with the help of contributors. And the Auckland City Mission has managed to reach 30% of their total fundraising target so far.

How can you help?

Alsco greatly appreciates all the support received to date for the CookOff event and encourages anyone who hasn’t already joined to visit our fundraising campaign page!

Jump on board and donate to this worthwhile cause!

The CookOff on 7th March is just around the corner! Be there for those that have nowhere else to turn. With your help, we’re sure we’ll be cooking with gas!

And as far as our CEO is concerned, we bet he is getting his Alsco Chef’s garment ready!

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by DC Central Kitchen

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