Helping to make sure your workplace is clean, safe, and presentable all day every day – no matter what.

Alsco’s managed rental floorcare service provides your workplace with an affordable source of high-quality mats that boost your business’s reputation and cleanliness – year round.

People rarely look down, it’s true. But the surfaces we stand on are the unsung heroes of our workplaces. They keep us safe in hazardous areas, comfortable working for long periods of time, and welcome us to work when we need it most.

Alsco realises the importance of floorcare – from the health of your employees to the very impression your business makes. That’s why our wide range of floor mats are designed to solve your unique challenges. From vibrant, dust-proof welcome mats through to comfortable anti-fatigue mats, Alsco know how to keep your floors safe and smart-looking.

Far More Convenient Than Simply Buying Mats

Thought we simply sold you mats? Think again! Alsco does a great deal more than that. Once you make your choice, Alsco will regularly pick up, clean, and replace your mats on a biweekly basis.

Buying and cleaning quality mats can be expensive and time-consuming. But with Alsco, you pay a single annual fee, and we take care of absolutely everything. You’ll never be left with worn or dirty mats – and your floors will always be cleaner and safer.

Foot traffic also wears your floors. Naturally, it’s more expensive to replace your carpets or flooring than your mats. Alsco’s floorcare service ensures your floors are protected, saving you even more money and hassle in the long run.

With Alsco, Your Dollar Goes Further

Unlike many competitors, Alsco offers premium quality products. However, because you pay a fixed annual rental rate, you’ll benefit from quality products, affordable prices, AND the convenience of regular cleaning and replacements. Alsco’s rental service truly is the best of both worlds.

Alsco’s Floorcare Service is…

  • Affordable – Charged annually (from the equivalent of $1 a day), Alsco’s Floorcare is cashflow-friendly for any business – and our cleaning and delivery is 100% included in the cost
  • Time-efficient – With bi-weekly pickups and drop-offs, save time managing the care of your floors and let Alsco take care of everything
  • Presentable – With over 120 years in the textile and cleaning industry, we’ll regularly deliver spotless, industrially-laundered mats straight to your workplace – no exceptions
  • Safe – From high-grip anti-fatigue mats to dust-control mats, Alsco’s rented floorcare service helps keep your workplace hygienic and accident-free – and the people in it healthy and happy

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“…exceptionally good supplier of laundry, flooring, ablution supplies…”

Lynne Lusty, HR Compliance Manager, TRT, Hamilton


The rapport and comradery between Alsco and TRT staff involved in service delivery was of a superior level. TRT has since handed over all ablution supply orders to Alsco. TRT has upgrade flooring in all departments and supports the initiative of Health and Safety messages on mats. The business relationship has also seen a three year agreement signed and an upgrade of lockers and cabinets in each of our 4 locations.

I think the most important aspect of the relationship TRT has with Alsco is the very short response time with any communication or issue and this truly does confirm the professional culture within their organisation.