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3 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get Rid of Restroom Odour

Woman drinking coffee at home with sunrise streaming in through window and creating flare into the lens.Taking care of your office or restaurant restroom doesn’t mean just cleaning it but also making it smell fresh and sanitised.

So, when running a business, you have to ask yourself a question – will your restroom make your customers want to come back or never return?

Restroom odour can spread all over the workplace and easily affect your work routine and productivity.

If you run any type of business where having a restroom area for your employees is a must, such as a school for instance, then you ought to know every single detail about the effects a restroom can have on your business.

Some people even say that a restroom can be a deal maker or a deal breaker, that’s how important it is. However, taking care of your restroom in a way that it is always perfectly clean, fresh and sanitised is not an easy job to do. Some hire professionals to take appropriate care of the restrooms which is a great idea since it saves you plenty of time.

However, if you want to deal with this area on your own, here is a list of three easy tips to get rid of the restroom odour.

1. Clean the Restroom Thoroughly

Cleaning and maintaining restroom can be a very tricky job. It has to be done several times a day using appropriate cleaners, not the general purpose ones since they can not clean all the surfaces thoroughly.

Also, you have to be careful not to clean just the easily accessed surfaces, but all the corners of the restroom. Different surfaces require different tools and equipment, as well as cleaning agents. The areas which tend to be overlooked are those hard to reach. Be especially detailed here, since these areas tend to be full of bacteria if not cleaned properly and regularly.

Man wearing blue cleaning

When talking about areas which can be overlooked, there are two more that should be included in the list. Walls and ceilings. Some people say that the number of bacteria found on the walls is approximately the same as the one found on the toilet! So, find a way to properly and thoroughly clean all the walls and ceilings with an appropriate disinfectant cleaner.

When it comes to using the best disinfectant cleaner, firstly it is important to use it more than once a day. Secondly, they have to be powerful enough to kill all the types of bacteria found in the restroom.

2. Unblock Airflow

One of the most common causes of restroom odour is definitely improper or inadequate ventilation. So, the next thing you should do in order to get rid of the restroom odour is to improve the ventilation system.

If you have a poor ventilation system, moisture in the air causes the growth of bacteria and germs which just give off the odours.

In addition, proper ventilation in your restroom is a must. It will help fresh air circulate and remove most of the air from closed areas. Also, you can always keep the restroom windows open as long as possible.

In order to keep a good ventilation system, make sure you take care of it properly. While doing the restroom cleaning, do not forget to clean all the vents so they do not become clogged.

3.Prevent Spreading Bacteria

In order to keep your washroom spotless, sometimes you have to pay attention to prevention. In this case, one more of the odour causes is definitely flushing.

Yes, you heard it right! When flushing the invisible mist rises. This mist contains bacteria which are surrounding surfaces like toilet seats, toilet covers, walls, etc.

In case these areas are not maintained regularly with appropriate sanitisers, these bacteria can be the source of the odour problems.

So, make sure you spray and wipe all the areas surrounding toilets with a disinfectant cleaner. This step will be extremely helpful in keeping your washroom fresh and clean.

person dispensing toilet seat sanitiser

Maintaining the washroom is a serious and responsible job. There are many details that need to be covered. It is way more than just wiping the floors and easily accessible surfaces. You have to choose very carefully all the essentials for your washroom since a well-designed piece is very desirable but also it has to be practical.

Also, you have to choose only the best people to hire and the best tools to use in order to achieve your goal. Remember, your restroom says a lot more about your business than you think! You want to do everything in your power to get the best possible results.

If you still think you cannot do this alone, we have some good news. Alsco is here for anything you need concerning the washroom. Call Alsco now, and their friendly representatives will be happy to help you find everything you need!

Photo courtesy from Freepik Image by Tirachard

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