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Your Workplace Hygiene Level Greatly Depends On Your Restroom Facilities

Cleanliness in the workplace is as important as the devices used to make life in the workplace easier and faster.

It’s a lot better to work in a clean environment because it makes you happier and less prone to sickness, don’t you agree?

We at Alsco have recognized that more and more companies have made major changes to their hygiene levels, most especially their washrooms.

However, toilet paper and bleach are not always enough to accomplish this.

Providing the most practical facility and the perfect design for it, specifically the workplace washroom, is the right thing to do. We have a simple guide that you can use to maximize the hygiene levels at your workplace.

Items You’ll Need in Your Workplace Washroom

  • Hand Sanitizers
    Hand sanitizers are important to help keep your hands clean at all times. However, they only kill germs that are on the surface of your skin. Some bacteria lie underneath the surface of your skin, making frequent hand washing with clean soap more suitable.
  • Hand Dryers
    There are three types of hand dryers that you can use: disposable paper towels, electric hand dryers, and cloth roller towels. However, not all of them keep your hands clean after drying them.

You’ll definitely dry your hands faster with an electric hand dryer, but the level of bacteria on your fingertips just increased by 194% and bacteria level on your palm increased by 254%.

Items You’ll Need in Your Restroom

Photo courtesy: Flickr Image by Sarah Poole

Modern jet air dryers can also spread bacteria up to 2 meters away. Not only did you get bacteria all over your clothes and hands, but also on the people behind you.

Using disposable paper towels is a smart move because it reduces bacteria by 76% on finger pads and 77% on palms. Just make sure you throw them in a bin with a cover! We wouldn’t want those germs flying back in the air again, now, would we?

The cloth roller towel is also another good way to clean and dry your hands. Cloth towel dispensers are closed, therefore greatly reducing the spread of bacteria. Research in 2007 found that when cotton roller towels are being used, bacterial level on hands drops by 85%.

  • Hand Soap Dispensers
    Soap keeps our hands clean, but you may have to think twice about using the old-style bar of soap. These things accumulate dirt and bacteria on the surface. So, you can end up transferring bacteria from the soap to your hands. A more effective way to keep bacteria away from the soap you’re using is to use a hand soap dispenser. You can find them in liquid or foam form, this way you lessen the chances of bacteria spreading on the soap.

Facility Layout and Design

Talking about the design of the workplace washroom includes choosing the type of hand soap dispensers to be used, the actual layout of the washroom, the sinks that you’ll be using, type of toilets to be installed, etc. This means we’re talking about a wide variety of decisions to be made.

Facility Layout and Design

Photo courtesy: Flickr Image by U.S. Department of Agriculture

An example would be – having a hands-free soap dispenser dramatically reduces the risk of germs spreading from the dispenser button. Especially, when compared to using a regular soap dispenser with a button to release the soap.

Another example is, installing an automatic flush on a toilet. This means you won’t have to worry about bacteria getting on your fingertips after flushing.

Sanitation in the washroom is definitely the starting point of a clean working environment. Using swing doors in the washrooms is better in this regard. You would use dividers instead of doors to block the view of the restroom.

We must not forget that cubicle doors must be locked when being used, so using slide latches or push-button locks on cubicle doors is more hygienic instead of twist latches because you don’t have to grip the door lock.

If you manage a school, this is your lucky day because you can avoid the headache by finding all these details and much more in our ultimate School Washroom Guide.

The Upkeep of Facilities

Choosing the right facilities is important, but keeping the loo at the workplace clean is crucial too. After all, maintaining everything in perfect condition will make it more effective. Having a facilities manager is the best way to keep everything in an orderly manner.

Well Kept Workplace Washroom

For all your stock and maintenance management needs, look no further than Alsco. We provide high-quality maintenance services.

You can choose from any of our rental programs such as washroom equipment, supplies, and maintenance services. Your staff can now focus on their jobs instead of worrying about washroom maintenance and hygiene.

For more details, call Alsco now! Our friendly representatives will always be happy to assist you!

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