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Pros and Cons of Workplace Uniforms

Military and the police take pride in their uniforms. For their occupations, wearing a uniform is not a matter of choice, but a part of their job.

Miners, health workers, and industrial workers cannot imagine their day without their uniforms. For some, it is there for protection, while for others – it is a symbol of the work they do. Either way, uniforms are important.

Other businesses follow their lead these days. They choose to rent uniforms from Alsco, although these are not obligatory for their line of work. Different hotels, restaurants, and similar establishments are among those that opt to introduce this practice.

You can be a judge of whether it pays off or not to have them after you read the pros and cons of uniforms at the workplace.

Workplace Uniforms: Pros

  • When staff wear uniforms, it makes the business look more professional. Waiters, chefs, and other staff in the catering business resemble a team or an army in their uniforms. They look classy and professional in good catering uniforms.
  • Having your uniform over clothes prevents your clothing from wear and tear. All sorts of stains end up on uniforms during work hours. After work, your employees simply leave them for Alsco workers to take care of them and go home in their clean wardrobe.
  • Properly designed uniforms can play an important role in safety in the workplace. They can be made of special kinds of materials, and have reinforcements on certain parts or special markings or symbols on them.
  • Uniforms boost the team spirit within a company. Just like all the players in a team identify with it by wearing the same jerseys, your employees will have a stronger sense of belonging to your company.
  • Employees who wear uniforms are walking advertisements. Your logo, colours or even the slogan of your company can find their place on your uniforms. Wherever your employees go, it all goes with them.
  • Uniforms make everybody equal. Some people like to dress up, while others do not have the time or the money to do it. Once employees are all in the same uniforms, those gaps become invisible, and everybody is the same.
  • When a person puts on a uniform, it changes their set of mind. Uniform means that the leisure time is over and the work begins. People who wear uniforms are more productive.
  • The staff that wears uniforms is easily recognised by the customers. When a customer needs to be serviced or has a question, they do not want to wait. If they have to wait, they will give up. So, contact with a member of staff needs to be made quickly. If staff members wear uniforms, customers will easily find them and ask for help.
  • Pools and studies showed that customers feel that they are getting better service when serviced by people in uniform. Also, they tend to trust staff wearing uniforms more.

Workplace Uniforms: Cons

While all this sounds great, there are also some downsides to wearing uniforms. Here are some of them:

  • Uniforms suppress the individuality of the employees. They make everybody look the same, so the personal style of the employees is affected.
  • Sometimes, uniforms can be uncomfortable. Also, they do not look good on everybody.
  • Unfortunately, uniforms are not free. They cost money and that needs to be paid by an employer or the employee.
  • Uniform maintenance is always annoying.

Easy Fixes for Uniform Downsides

Still, the reasons for having uniforms at work greatly outnumber the reasons for not having them. Moreover, all four reasons for uniforms are easily fixed.

  • Personal style can be expressed through accessories or ways the uniform is worn.
  • Uncomfortable uniforms can be altered and staff can be included in the process of choosing the uniforms. Learn how to determine the right size of your workwear for maximum comfort and you won’t face this problem again.
  • Firstly, the money spent on uniforms comes back through advertisement. Moreover, renting uniforms from Alsco means that the cost can be managed.
  • If you use Alsco’s managed garment system you do not worry about maintenance anymore. You get your uniforms washed, ironed, folded and delivered in time. It is all included in the price of your rental.

The Best Way to Deal With Uniforms

Obviously, uniforms are a good idea and the downsides are fixable. Your first concern is the choice of uniforms. That is something that a designer and members of your staff can help you with.

Another thing that can worry you is the maintenance. With a certain number of washings, uniforms will wear out. Not if you rent them. Alsco always brings you freshly washed and ironed uniforms in perfect condition.

The last, but not the least is the price. Again – not a real problem. Renting is better than buying. For as low as $1 a day, you can forget about your worries when it comes to uniforms.

Let’s say you buy a uniform and your employee gets replaced with another person who does not fit into the same size. Do you buy a new uniform? No. You simply contact Alsco and enjoy the amazing flexibility of their service.

Call 0800 4 ALSCO today. People from the nearest Alsco local branch will answer all your questions and help you deal with your uniform issues.

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