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4 Ways Cloth Towels are Better Than Hand Dryers

Did you know that drying your hands properly is just as important as washing them well? If you leave your hands all wet or moist, all sort of dirt and bacteria will stick to them.

At your own home, this is not a problem. You have your fresh and clean towels and not many people use your bathroom. But, what happens when you need to wash and dry your hands in public?

Public washrooms have several options for drying your hands. They include hand dryers, paper towels, and cloth towel dispensers. Alsco can offer different hand drying options for your washroom.

Still, you might want to take a closer look at Alsco’s cloth towel dispensers, because they are better than all the other options for many reasons. Here are the 4 main reasons why this is better than hand dryers.

Hand Dryers Spread Harmful Microbes

It is better to dry your hands with a hand dryer than to leave them wet, that is for sure. But, if there is an option to use cloth, rather than a jet of air, you should do that.

Scientists from the University of Westminster conducted an experiment, comparing different hand drying methods.

They concluded that hand dryers increase the number of bacteria on hands. Moreover, they can spread the bacteria, by blowing them around the washroom. This increases the chances of contamination.

On the other hand, cloth towel dispenser isolates the microbes by retracting the used portions of the towel to a separate chamber. You never touch them after they have been used.

Fresh portions of the towel are kept in another chamber and they are sterilised. This means that there are no microbes waiting for you on your towel.

Cloth Towels Are Environmentally Friendly

It can be argued that hand dryers are a more eco-friendly option than paper towels. However, cloth towels are definitely the greenest option.

Cloth towels do not need electricity. Also, they can be washed, sterilised and reused. Even when they cannot be used as towels anymore, that cloth can be recycled or even reused for other purposes.

Cloth Towels Do a Better Job

Have you ever dried your hands completely using a hand dryer? Nobody has. Hand dryer always leaves a little bit of water between your fingers.

Don’t you hate the line that forms behind you while you are drying your hands?

On the other hand, using a cloth towel dispenser is fast and efficient. Clean and sterilised towel reaches to all the folds and wet spots on your hands and dries them quickly.

Cloth Towels are Easier to Use

Truth be told, hand dryers can be a bit loud. They usually work using sensors that trigger the jets of air when needed.

However, the jets of air stop if you move your hands away from the sensors. It is quite a chore to dry your hands while trying to keep the air jets working. This leaves you with a part of your hands dry while the other parts are still wet.

When it comes to cloth towels, everybody knows how to use them. Drying your hands with a cloth towel is something a two-year-old can do anytime, anyplace.

This particularly makes sense in the environments where children spend most of their time – schools. School washrooms must be perfectly safe and promote health according to all the New Zealand standards.

So, if you are looking for the best way to dry your hands, a cloth towel dispenser in your workplace washroom is the answer. Don’t worry about replacing or washing your towel. Once you rent the dispenser from Alsco, we do all the work.

You get the dispenser and we regularly come to replace the towel with a freshly sterilised one.

This is not expensive, either. Enquire now and get the best price for the most efficient, hygienic, easy to use and environmentally friendly way to dry your hands.


Photo Courtesy: Flickr Image by Owen Photography.

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