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Natural Light and The Workplace Comfort It Brings

No matter how bright they can get, no matter how innovative and evolved the technology behind it, artificial light will never hold an ironic candle to natural light.

Our bodies know this truth well. Which is why a long day under artificial lighting always leaves us somewhat drained and weary.

With that in mind and the fact that natural light is completely free, it behoves one to wonder why the workplace doesn’t seem to capitalize on this one inexhaustible source of illumination more.

Here we look at several awesome benefits of natural light—and why you should totally get on this trend to achieve a healthy, sustainable workplace.

It Lowers Your Energy Consumption Dramatically

Lowers Your Energy Consumption Dramatically
Image from: Pixabay by geralt

If it wasn’t entirely obvious, relying more on natural light means you rely on artificial lighting far, far less.

That means that you will see a dramatic decrease in your workplace’s energy consumption.

Apart from being a great boon to the environment at large, this saves you quite a lot on your monthly bills.

Admittedly, you can’t expect to totally do away with artificial lighting, especially if you’re the type of company that just has to have a nightshift.

During the day, however, it’s all a matter of efficient distribution. First among these are your windows—you’ll need big ones. Second, are a few well-placed reflective surfaces.

Naturally, the question you’d ask is: will the investment in all these things be worth it? The answer is a resounding “yes”. All these bits and pieces might cost you, but it will only cost you once and never again.
Making the most of natural light can save up to 75% of the energy consumed in lighting and even cooling buildings during the day.

It Makes Your People Healthier

Working people in an office that has natural light
Image from: Flickr by David Wall

The reason we do so well in natural light is that we (and our ancestors) have acclimated to it through our evolutionary history.

Now, natural light has its own spectrum of, well, light that artificial sources can never truly, fully emulate.

This dissonance is one of the biggest causes of eyestrain. It has a lot to do with how our eyes need to constantly adjust to the amount of light it takes in and the specific wavelength this is in.

This can cause headaches, nausea and a whole lot of other associated illnesses and conditions.

That’s not to mention the damage it can cause your eyesight. An investment in natural light is an investment in health and, over the years, it has been found that natural light also promotes feelings of wellness, fewer headaches, attentiveness, and overall better quality of life.

All That Positivity Will Pay Off

One female and two male happy employees
Image from: Flickrby University of Exeter

Literally. With less eyestrain, fewer headaches, better attentiveness, you end up having happier employees. And that’s where it all comes together. All those things mean you have a stronger sense of teamwork, greater drive and motivation, and you’ll even make your employees simply love working where they work.

If it hasn’t hit you yet, that also means improved productivity and employee performance across the board. That, in turn, translates to great profitability for your company. All of that comes with just a switch to something that is already free and in abundance.

How You Get All That Sweet Natural Light

No one will ever expect you to up and remodel your entire building—especially if you don’t, in fact, own the entire building. But it’s really all about the little things.

Sweet Natural Light
Image from: Flickr Image by Jerry Huddleston

First, focus on the windows. Getting full-pane windows lets the most light in the most direct way possible. If you invest double-paned energy-efficient windows, then they can do all that while helping to regulate temperatures as well.

Second, if you have access to your roof, skylights and light tubes are also a great way to go. Naturally, skylights bring the most natural light in, but there’s that risk of causing temperatures to rise indoors. Light tubes are a more compact but nonetheless effective option.

Third, heliostats can actively catch sunlight throughout the day and deflect this light into your building. These are especially effective on the sides of your building that face away from the sun. Think of them as artsy, outdoor installations that help the entire system.

Lastly, it would support these systems immensely to invest in open office layouts. This setup means less need for reflecting light around tight corners. Adding in a few glass walls and dividers means enhancing the effect all around!

Throw in a Spot of Clean

Alsco dust control mats will helps make workplaces clean
Alsco’s Floorcare Services

With all this light cast into your office, it wouldn’t do to have a dirty office. That’s why it makes sense to also invest in cleanliness. For that, you have Alsco Mats. These Evolution Mats are made from earth-friendly recycled materials. Durable and dependable, they will ensure that the workplace remains clean no matter the conditions outside!

Give Alsco a call today. We’ll help you pick out all that your office needs to stay clean and certifiably green.

Photo: K2 Space

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