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How to Make Your Employees Happy in 7 Simple Ways

Most business owners want their employees to be happy, as happy employees will put more effort into everything they do.

They love their job, and they are filled with positive energy that inspires everybody around them to be just as productive and enthusiastic about the job as they are.

Those kinds of employees – energetic, productive, loyal, and passionate about their work – are also those who share the dream of their employers and want to see the company grow bigger and more successful by the day.

With all that in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that employee happiness is becoming more and more important, which is why many companies are trying to emphasise the value of balance between professional and personal life. If you would like to do the same for your employees, here are seven ways in which you can do just that.

1. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The attitude you show around the office will be the same one you’ll get from your employees. They tend to look up to you since you are, after all, their boss. So, if you act all serious and professional, they will act the same way around you. This doesn’t mean you should goof around like a clown in order to cheer up your employees; just be yourself and don’t be afraid to laugh and joke from time to time. It will set a good example, lighten up the work atmosphere and make you seem more approachable.

2. Do Things Together

Laughing is healthy, and too formal work atmosphere where nobody is allowed to make a sound can be very stressful and actually prevent your employees from being productive. Therefore, it’s a good idea to occasionally introduce something new into the work routine; you can come up with some entertaining team-building activities that will help your employees bond and relax. For example, organising the Alsco’s first aid training for employees is one practical way to do that. It is unusual, interesting and most importantly, very useful in everyday life.

3. Evaluate Employee Happiness

When evaluating our employees, we usually take into consideration things such as the quality of their work, productivity, performance, etc. So why not include happiness as well?

Ask your employees what they like about their job and what they would change. Take their answers seriously and think about the solutions. Also, make sure they feel comfortable and safe talking to you about the problems.

4. Focus On The Positive

Things don’t always go according to the plan, but that doesn’t mean you should get mad and scold your employees. The bad news is always unpleasant, for both you and them. Instead, try to engage your employees in finding a solution to the problem – ask for their opinion on what could be done better and encourage them to learn from the mistakes.

5. Celebrate The Good Things

Whether it’s somebody’s Birthday or you’ve just made a great business deal, don’t hesitate to celebrate your successes. It doesn’t have to be anything big – buy some snacks and drinks if you’re celebrating a Birthday, or take your employees out for a dinner night if it’s something more important. Snow them that you care about them as much as you care about the company.

6. Keep The Negativity Away

Things like gossip, envy and politics can really ruin the positive atmosphere at work. Sure, they are natural and you can’t avoid them completely, but you should know how to recognise them and deal with them in the right way.

Communication is always the best way to go about it. Or, you can also improve the team spirit with Alsco uniform rentals, which can provide a beautiful, personalised look for your teams that will keep them united. This guide will help you learn how to size workwear for maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

7. Make Sure Everything Is Clean

Cleanliness and proper hygiene are extremely important when it comes to the happiness of your employees. Nobody wants to work in a dirty and dusty office, not to mention that bacteria in the workplace can even make your employees sick and unable to work.

That is why cleanliness in the office should never be taken for granted. With Alsco, you have many sanitation options that make sure your office is fresh and conducive to happy employees.

From standard services like:

  • hand hygiene
  • odour control
  • washroom services

to more specialised services like:

  • feminine hygiene
  • clinical services
  • first aid,

we’ve got it all.

Alsco has been one of the most reliable names when it comes to quality cost-effective commercial services. We provide highly-customisable services for businesses across here.

If you’re looking for ways to get things done better, call us today. Our friendly customer service representatives are more than happy to help you out!

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