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9 Gigantic Companies That Provide The Most Amazing Perks

For the most of us, happiness that our workplace provides can be summed up to a few things.

Those are pleasant workplace with proper lightning, soothing atmosphere, clean and fresh restrooms, and some basic appliances.

Other than this, we usually don’t expect too much from companies where we work as long as we’re well paid. Many of us are satisfied with sick leaves and a yearly vacation.

But what you probably didn’t know is that there are companies that are glad to give new parents a year off.

It’s a whole year and fully paid, too. If that didn’t get you thinking, we’ve found 9 companies that provide the world’s best perks (based on Glassdoor surveys).

1. Netflix

Netflix is already quite loved among people who like to burn their whole weekend off. They also received a pretty high rating on Glassdoor. The TV-streaming company earned that by offering one year paid leaves to all new mums and dads. People still have the option to work full-time or part time during that time. Even so, they can always go back to their time out if they need it.

2. Spotify

One of the most popular streaming services, this time for music, and also another company that’s kind towards new parents. Their offer is half of Netflix’s – six months of paid parental leave. But, parents are also given lots of flexibility when it comes to their work options when they come back. On top of that, Spotify cover the costs for fertility assistance in case it’s needed.

3. The World Wildlife Fund

If you’re working for a non-profit organisation, you probably don’t expect too many perks since they mostly rely on external funding. The WWF is not an exception. However, in order to compensate, they give every other Friday off. So-called “Panda Fridays” may not seem like much. But, anyone who endures a week full of stress can definitely tell you that those extended weekends twice a month are very well appreciated.

4. Salesforce

Despite not being a non-profit, this software giant will melt your heart. Their employees get six days out of a year, the time they can spend volunteering for the charity of their choice – and all the expenses are covered by the company. This helps spread the spirit of giving among Salesforce’s employees. On top of that, Salesforce also grants their employees more than USD 1,000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

5. Airbnb

It’s said that you have to understand how a company works in order to work more efficiently. Employees of Airbnb have this unique opportunity to experience the way their company operates. Airbnb gives USD 2,000 annually to their workers to let them travel anywhere in the world. The only condition for their immense generosity is that employees use Airbnb to find accommodation. A negligible price to pay for such a great opportunity.

6. PWC

PWC is an assurance, audit, consulting, and tax service company. They are well known for providing efficient support for one of the US’s biggest economic problems – student debt. Their employees get a USD 1,200 as a part of their student loan debt reimbursement program. This proved to be very effective in relieving most employees from this heavy burden.

7. Twitter

This social media giant doesn’t slack on perks, despite all the perceived problems it has. For one, their employees have three meals per day for free. This definitely helps with expense management. Besides that, the employees get on-site acupuncture to help them fight off stress. On top of everything, they offer improv classes, if this happens to be your thing.

8. The Walt Disney Company

No wonder that the happiest place in the world would also be the happiest place for its employees! Discounts on Disney merchandise and discounts on hotel accommodations are not everything this company offers. Their employees also get free entrance for the park they work in. This may not seem as much, but they got high ratings on Glassdoor (at 4.0)!

9. Facebook

Without any doubt, Facebook is one of the biggest tech companies today. This dominant social media company is very kind to their employees who are moms and dads. Aside from the obvious leave time, they offer their employees “Baby Cash” up to an amount of USD 4,000. Indubitably, this is a lot of money which goes a long way when it comes to the costs that come with a baby.

If you’re a company that pushes towards some employee perks, but is not able to go as far as these 9, then Alsco is here to help you.

We provide many different packages and products that offer added benefits of comfort and better health. We can help you decide which ones are the most suitable for your employees and their needs.

For one, Alsco can make your workplace safer, healthier and greener. People won’t take these perks so lightly, especially if they spend most of their time inside the office.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Jeramey Jannene

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