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Going Green with Greenroom

What to Expect from Greenroom Tips?

Did you know that recycling is not the only way to be eco-friendly around your office? While it is important, there are many other ways to go green.

They require a little bit of research from your side. Or, you can cut yourself some slack and let Greenroom feed you all the info you need.

Greenroom is this great blog from Alsco. It is all about making your workplace a greener, safer and healthier place.

This resource is packed with excellent and well-researched articles. It makes it a great read for anyone that owns, manages and works in an office.

Greenroom benefits workplaces all over New Zealand, boosting workplace efficiency by making people happier, safer and healthier.

Green Blog and Green Plants: More Similar Than You Think

Implementing Greenroom tips will help you reduce the number of sick days taken, improve stress relief, increase productivity, as well as air quality.

Do these sound familiar? They should because these are also the benefits that you get from having potted plants around your office. Many New Zealand office workers and corporates make the most of these benefits already.

Does this plant the idea in your mind about getting more foliage for your office? If you are not entirely persuaded, here are some good Greenroom tips.

Lush Office Plants Reduce Absenteeism

People take less sick days in offices that have plants. This is because plants improve air quality, reduce the levels of toxins and moulds, and even have beneficial psychological effects on the office goers.

The sick building syndrome can be the cause of many days off around an office. Foliage reduces these effects and soothes the symptoms.

All this adds up to decreased cases of sick leaves and absenteeism.

Foliage Filters Toxins from the Office Air

Plants ‘breathe’ by filtering the air. They take the carbon dioxide from the air, process it and release oxygen. This reduces the levels of carbon dioxide from your indoor space.

It’s beneficial for your workplace because high levels of CO2 affect decision-making processes. It even makes simple tasks difficult for those that have been exposed.

Besides CO2, plants will get rid of different bacteria and harmful chemicals from paints, carpets and other parts of your workplace.

Plants Make the Office Cooler

Can you do your best work in a hot office that makes you sweat? Even if you can, it is much easier to work in a pleasantly cool environment.

While the excessive use of your AC is not eco-friendly, having a couple of plants around definitely is.

By transpiring, plants reduce the temperature around them and increase the levels of humidity. Workplace temperature can drop by ten degrees if there is enough greenery around. People enjoy the 30-60% of air humidity.

Those are precisely the levels that a couple of plants can maintain.

Office Pots Drastically Improve Wellbeing

Plants can help you fight depression, anxiety, and stress.

First of all, workplaces that have plants in them are more beautiful. In that sort of environment, it is much easier to relax and deal with stressful situations.

Some of the plants that work wonders around the office include:

  • Rubber Plant
  • Philodendron
  • Aloe Plant
  • Greenery Boosts Performance

Greener offices help people be more productive and boost their performance. A case study from Washington State University showed that people are 12% more successful in performing stressful tasks when plants are in the room.

Leafy Plants Reduce Noise Levels

There are many sources of noise in an office. Printers and phones, machine buzzes and different conversations are just some of the things that you hear all the time.

Noise can seriously elevate your stress levels and reduce your ability to perform at work.

However, some thick and lush foliage reduce the noise. If that is what you need, choose one of these:

  • Bamboo Palm
  • Peace Lily
  • Lady Palm

Go Green Today

Is there one good reason why you shouldn’t put some attractive pot plants in your office? No.

Start improving your workplace today. Well-chosen plants do not have to be expensive, they can be easy to maintain and they are a great investment.

This is just one of the many ways you can join many businesses in New Zealand in creating a greener, healthier and safer workplace.

Check out our sustainability stories for more ideas to go green. We are regularly publishing high-quality articles with practical tips that you can easily use in your office space.


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