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Spotlight: Megan Holloway – Health & Safety Coordinator

Welcome to our Spotlight series, where we delve into the stories of our Alsco Uniforms employees; exploring their experiences, career trajectories, and the unique insights they’ve gained along the way. This interview features Megan Holloway, our Health & Safety Coordinator at Alsco Uniforms – Palmerston North. We sat down with her recently to unpack her time within the company and gain valuable insights into her professional journey.

how long have you been at the company and when did you start?

I have been part of the Alsco family since I left high school at 18. I started in February 2009 on the production floor in Alsco Palmerston North in little old Donnington Street. I was part of the merge from Donnington Street to the new Palmy Hub building in Mihaere Drive, which was an emotional yet exciting move to be a part of. I continued working in the Garment Team completing the daily customer pack outs. I travelled to Wellington, Napier, and New Plymouth branches to learn the ropes and take all the tips back to the girls in the team. In 2014/2015, I felt ready for a new challenge and moved to the Store Team. This was very different to Production, I really loved and enjoyed my time there and learning a side of the company from a different perspective. 

In 2019, I took a career break for a few years which was great, but I felt I was missing being part of the Alsco team and I needed to work, I was too bored! I managed to get my foot back in the door with the Store Team, however this was a short stint as the opportunity arose to apply for a Health & Safety Coordinator position. Something about this felt right and I was being pulled to give it a go, and in August 2022 I started my new role in Health & Safety! I have loved and enjoyed every minute of it, it’s been a great challenge and I have learned so much and had many opportunities through this role. 

have you received any training or qualifications through alsco?

I was willing to move forward in the company and wanted to show my interest to grow so I started helping out my supervisor when she was off on leave. Eventually, a position arose for Garment Team Supervisor, and although I missed out on it, my manager put me through my Level 3 Certificate in Business First Line Management. During my time in Health & Safety, I have also completed my National Certificate in Manufacturing Level 2 and will be looking at completing Level 3 over 2024. I loved having the opportunity to do this through Alsco!

what would you say your biggest achievement has been in your career with alsco?

My biggest achievement with my career at Alsco Uniforms has been my professional and personal growth. I couldn’t have achieved this much without the encouragement and support of the company. I aim to continue to improve my knowledge of Health & Safety and further develop my skill sin the industry alongside a great team of people. 

what is your favourite part about working for the company?

My favourite part about working for Alsco has been meeting and working alongside all the wonderful faces each and every day along with being supported by my manager and others to continue to grow. I am so proud of what I have achieved so far, and I want to continue to grow and make a difference in the company where I can show my two little ‘mini me’s’ at home that you can be a strong, independent, and successful woman if you persevere. 

The work culture is also one of my favourite parts about working for the company. When you become part of Alsco Uniforms you not only become part of a team, but part of a family. The support of peers, my manager and other teachers/mentors/colleagues I’ve had along with the way has been incredible and they’ve all been very patient. I strive to keep moving forward and growing in the company as it’s a great place to work. 

what advice would you give someone considering a career at ALsco?

My advice to anyone considering a career with Alsco Uniforms is to go for it! But to strive to make a difference and persevere. If you have to start small, so be it, invest time and effort in a company who are willing to invest back into you and you too can create a career with Alsco. 


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