The Alsco Managed Rental Service

Changing the way you clean your automotive parts may seem like an unnecessary investment. It would mean a huge investment with no actual benefit – the result is the same – clean parts. But, Alsco offers New Zealand workshops, garages and other businesses that have these kinds of needs a unique and cost-effective rental system.

This means no upfront investments, but only one affordable annual fee. Furthermore, the cleaning is just as efficient as you have now (probably better), just more environmentally friendly and by far more convenient. You don’t worry about fixing your system, maintaining it or refiling it. That’s Alsco’s job.

The Alsco weekly service will include:

  • Maintaining the levels of Ozzy Juice
  • Weekly removal of filter layers
  • Monthly replacing of the filter pack
  • Maintaining the optimal temperature of 41 degrees Celsius
  • Checking pump operation
  • Wiping down the unit
  • Brush replacement when needed

The Alsco Managed Rental Program requires no capital outlay and operates on a fixed monthly cost.