Washroom Hygiene

The cleanliness of your washrooms say a great deal about your business. Not only that, it affects the morale and very health of your staff and visitors. That’s why Alsco offer a wide range of highly-effective, regularly-maintained washroom services for your business.

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Few things are more important in your business than clean, healthy spaces. And Alsco’s Washroom Hygiene systems provide exactly that.

But keeping your washrooms free from dirt, germs, and waste doesn’t just improve your business’s reputation. It is vital to the very health and wellbeing of your staff and customers.

That’s why Alsco provide a hassle-free Washroom Hygiene service. We install, maintain and clean a variety of key washroom units.

These are high-quality hygiene solutions that reduce germs and the possibility of disease. And with Alsco’s managed rental service, our friendly, trained staff will take care of these units on a regular schedule – flexible to your needs.

Ready to ensure your employees and visitors are kept safe, healthy, and feeling confident in your business? Browse Alsco’s ultra-modern line of Washroom Hygiene products below!

Happy Customers

“genuine commitment to a job well done”

Hynds Pipe Systems LimitedHygiene services for many organisations is not high on the priority list, however when we think of a hygiene supplier we want one who not only has the experience but can also provide reliable value added services including site specific recommendations without pushy sales tactics.

Hynds has over 650 staff throughout NZ and has been working with Alsco for over 2 years.

Alsco provides a mix of services from mats and tea towels to various bathroom hygiene services and we are now also trialling a managed Overall garment service.

I have found the Alsco representative Christine Marshall to be honest, reliable, conscientious and courteous and there seems to be a genuine commitment to a job well done. With Christine managing our account this is one less supplier I have to worry about. Good work Alsco, thank you.

Cathy Adams
Vendor Manager
Hynds Pipe Systems Limited