Alsco Supports the Auckland City Mission

Throughout its 150 year history, Alsco has been doing business with a greater vision in mind. For us, it’s not just business and profits.

We strive to implement environmental policies in all that we do and our global mission is to positively impact our community. We believe it is our responsibility as business leaders to serve our local communities.

Mark Roberts, the CEO of Alsco NZ is participating in the Auckland City Mission CookOff. It’s a local charity event where top chefs and business leaders will support less privileged Aucklanders. They will be fundraising, preparing food and hosting a special meal.

Hi, I’m Mark Roberts from Alsco New Zealand, Group General Manager

Some people have asked me why I’m getting involved in the CookOff and it’s pretty simple for me to answer.

In the background you will see our ambassador for charity, Pat Munro. She’s busy putting a few bits and pieces together to donate to charities including Auckland City Mission, SHINE and Medical Aid Abroad.

Pat is a retired employee who now voluntarily gives her time to assist us to donate to charities.

Our association with Auckland City Mission goes back a long time; well over a decade. And typically in the past, it’s been about an annual donation around Christmas time. It’s been about collecting food from staff to donate to them, once again around Christmas time.

It struck me that the vulnerable people that are supported by this, they don’t just get hungry at Christmas time. And I know when we talked to the Mission, a lot of the people at the mission talk about needing support all year round.

What struck me about this campaign is they will raise 30% of the annual 14,000 emergency food parcels donated to desperate Kiwi families.

That’s fantastic! 550,000 meals per annum and we are going to do 30% through this one campaign.

It’s through people like Pat and all the wonderful people that are donating to this campaign that this can happen. If you find this case compelling, hey, I’d love you to perhaps dip into your pocket and make a small donation. Anything is fantastic!

Thanks to Pat.

I’m looking forward to it being a real fun event and raising a lot of funds for the Auckland City Mission – a very worthy cause, thank you!