From first aid kits to portable defibrillators, we don’t just offer superb, hospital-grade first aid solutions for your workplace. Our managed rental service offers you complete peace-of-mind. You pay one fee – we take care of everything. From regular quarterly restocking through to complete New Zealand WHS legal compliance, let Alsco keep your business safe and your employees happy.

Managed First Aid Kits

First aid kits are essential for workplace safety of every workplace in New Zealand. They need to be equipped with supplies which enable you to act efficiently in case of any emergency. Also, your employees will feel safe and respected when they notice their workplace first aid is dealt with responsibly and seriously and their safety taken into consideration.

Alsco understands that different workplaces have different needs. That’s why we offer portable kits, as well as the regular wall-mounted First Aid Kits. Regardless of their size, all of them are stocked with superb quality supplies for all emergencies. Alsco New Zealand Kits are:

  • Easy to use – Each of our kits is easy to spot. They are clearly marked and their supplies are colour-coded.
  • Perfect for your needs – There is a kit for every situation. We offer regular kits for your workplace, as well as the portable, vehicle First Aid kits.
  • Never out of stock – Alsco representatives will come to check your kits regularly and restock them if needed. This is included in your annual fee.

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Vehicle & Portable First Aid Kits

If your employees spend a lot of time in their vehicles, it is important to ensure their safety. Accidents happen and it is necessary to have a portable First Aid Kit in your vehicle, especially if your employees are alone and travel less frequented roads. Choose Alsco’s First Aid Kits because they are:

  • Well-stocked – just because they are small, it doesn’t mean they are lacking in supplies. Portable First Aid Kits have all you need in case of an emergency on the road.
  • Portable – our portable First Aid Kits will fit in your glove compartment, below your seat anywhere else within your reach.
  • Easy to use – in emergency, it is essential to act quickly. That’s why Alsco’s portable First Aid Kits are easy to open and close and all the supplies are packed in logical order.

Learn more about Portable First Aid Kits

Eyewash Stations

You know how most product labels say “if the product comes in contact with your eyes, wash immediately”? It’s is because a wrong chemical or an object in an eye can cause temporary or even permanent damage. The easiest way to minimise the injury is to use the Alsco Eyewash Station.

Many different businesses require Eyewash Stations, from schools to industrial buildings. They are  low-cost and easy-to-install, stored in a durable, wall-mounted cabinet for effortless use. Alsco Eyewash Stations are:

  • Simple and obvious – The cabinets are visible and hard to miss and they include straightforward step-by-step instructions.
  • Easily fits anywhere – Each eyewash stations are packed in small, detachable cabinets, so you can place them anywhere and move them if you change your mind or your space.
  • Economical – In comparison to plumbed flushing equipment, an eyewash station is a cost-effective alternative – especially with regular checking and restocking included in the price.

Find out more about our Eyewash Stations

Portable Defibrillators

Cardiac arrests are one of the leading causes of deaths in New Zealand. In fact, nearly 6,000 people die from cardiac-related diseases each year. Not being properly prepared for the worst isn’t just posing a huge risk to your customers and employees.

Portable defibrillators make an essential part of your workplace safety efforts. Alsco makes sure you are equipped with the contemporary, easy to use model. Your portable defibrillator rental service provides you with the HeartSine Samaritan 500P, that takes seconds to master and save lives in the case of emergency.

  • Easy to use – With audio instructions, 2 easy buttons, and weighing only 1.13kg, the AED is practical and intuitive in an emergency.
  • Advanced technology – Uses sophisticated SCOPETM technology to detect heart rhythm and self-adjust to prevent tissue damage, recording all data for 45 minutes to assist physicians.
  • High-quality – Shock, water and dust resistant and extremely durable – our AEDs also come with a 8-year guarantee – just in case.

Find out more about our Defibrillators (AEDs)

Rental vs Purchase

Alsco understands that purchasing and installing a First Aid Kit is easy. What is increasingly difficult to manage is keeping a First Aid kit appropriately stocked. In order to be appropriately stocked two key elements must be fulfilled.

Alsco also achieves a level of appropriate stocking by maintaining frequent communication channels with its supplier and the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This consultation keeps Alsco at the forefront of First Aid supply quality. Reasons to opt for our rental service is that our supplies are:

  • Re-stocked regularly
  • WHS Compliant
  • Equipped with hospital grade supplies
  • Maintained using up-to-date Service Logs
  • Covered with one small, simple, flat fee
  • Injury Specific to cater your business needs

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First Aid Redistribution Programme

Alsco First Aid has initiated programs to reuse and recycle expired but usable First Aid supplies where possible to demonstrate our commitment to operating in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Projects to date include substantial donations of suitable and sorted products to charitable and voluntary organisations. Some of them are:

  • Zoos, SPCA branches and animal shelters
  • MAA (Medical Aid Abroad)
  • Organisations from Fiji
  • Christian Leadership Training Trust
  • Rotary
  • Disaster relief organisations/appeals in Samoa and Haiti

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First Aid Resources

Provide your employees with obvious, simple and straightforward instructions about what to do in emergency situations. People respond very well to graphic instructions and visual signs, so it is best to have practical First Aid posters in your workplace.

Download FREE First Aid Resources that match any workplace in New Zealand. Alsco has created the posters and signs for o

Learn more about Alsco First Aid Resources

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"...a most genuine commitment to provide practical support..."

Jane Drumm, General Manager, Shine*


Through the wonderful generosity of Fresh & Clean, as part of Alsco, hundreds of families across the country have received sheets and first aid kits.

For well over a year now, Fresh & Clean has been most generously providing Shine, and through us, many other not-for-profit organisations and a few South Auckland schools, with bed linen and first aid kits. The sheer number of items is almost unbelievably massive and I want you to know how grateful we are and how grateful all the other organisations are.

Fresh & Clean has demonstrated a most genuine commitment to provide practical support to New Zealanders who are experiencing disadvantages, including poverty. This commitment to make a positive difference clearly comes from Fresh & Clean’s strong company values and kind desire to make life better for families having a hard time…

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