Portable Defibrillators

Cardiac arrests are one of the leading causes of deaths in New Zealand. In fact, nearly 6,000 people die from cardiac-related diseases each year. Be prepared.


Portable defibrillators are vital pieces of kit for your business. Alsco provide you with an ultra-modern answer to your defibrillator needs. Our portable defibrillator rental service uses the HeartSine Samaritan 500P, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use defibrillator that’ll ensure your staff and customers are as safe as possible – at all times.

What Makes Alsco’s Rented Defibrillator Service So Special?

  • Checked, maintained and/or replaced every 3 months – at no extra cost
  • Affordable – we charge you one, all-inclusive annual fee – that’s it!

Once you pay your single annual fee, our team will install your defibrillator(s) in strategic locations. We check, maintain and replace your kits every 3 months, meaning you can forget about your defibrillators – completely. Let Alsco do what we do best – keep your workplace safe so you can focus on what matters most.

The Best Kit For The Worst Situation

There’s a reason we chose the HeartSine Samaritan 500P for our customers. In fact, there are many. As far as portable defibrillators go, it’d be hard to find one more effective, durable, and easy-to-use as the HeartSine. Because when a cardiac emergency strikes, you want your people to be as capable and prepared as possible. That’s why our defibrillators are…

  1. Practical and portable – weighing 1.13kg and measuring 20×18.4×4.8cm, our defibrillators can be used by anyone, anywhere
  2. Durable and long-lasting – dust, water and shock-resistant and coming with a 10-year warranty, these defibrillators are suited for even the most dangerous workplaces
  3. Advanced technology – cardiac detection selects and delivers the charge automatically for maximum safety and effectiveness
  4. Fool-proof – voice instructions, automated shock delivery and 2-button operation means anyone operating the HeartSine Samaritan 500P will be able to save lives

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How To Effectively Use Your Defibrillator

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service isn’t just limited to Portable Defibrillators! We offer a range of first aid services to suit your business’s unique needs. Have a look at…

First Aid Kits
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One Fee: Limitless Maintenance & Restocking Included

Ready to pay one single fee – and let Alsco take care of your business’s portable defibrillator needs year-round?

Fill in the enquiry form on this page, to get the best price. Our friendly, informed sales staff are waiting to help.

First time purchases include an extra $100 portable first aid kit – for FREE*.

Mercy Hospital Dunedin Logo

“…very pleased with the way they have delivered…”

Jackie Wilde , Manager Support Services, Mercy Hospital Dunedin


Alsco offer us a high level of service: they come on site, complete an order to cover an agreed imprest level, deliver the order and shelve it for us. They also hold stock for us at their premises and since they took on this contract we have not had any problems with supply. We are very pleased with the way they have delivered on their side of our agreement.

Alsco’s Dunedin location has been helpful – on several occasions we had urgent stock requirements and these were met with same-day deliveries.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alsco as a provider of Tork and Reynard products, and particularly note their excellent service delivery.

Alsco Managed Rental Service

Your business is a complex beast. From your washrooms to your workspaces, it needs to be maintained constantly. That means lots of purchases and wasted time, and that means lots of money goes down the drain. Sound like a pain? It really is. That’s exactly why we’ve created our ‘Managed Rental Service’.

Alsco takes care of it all. We check, maintain and replace everything you rent. You’ll benefit from clockwork maintenance, emergency support, and limitless, free replacements. What do you have to do? Pay one single annual fee – that’s it. It couldn’t be easier.

Your company’s unique, but your money concerns aren’t. That’s why you’ll benefit from our inclusive managed rental service from as little $1 a day.

Interested? Get in touch with Alsco for a free quote!

  • CLOCKWORK SERVICING Keep your business clean, professional and organised with our managed rental service.
  • WE ADAPT TO YOU Have a unique request? Need immediate emergency support? No worries, we’ve got you covered.
  • 125 YEARS OF TRAILBLAZING Since 1889, we’ve honed our service to provide you with the ultimate convenient, affordable rental experience.
  • CASHFLOW FRIENDLY Forget huge purchase fees. Forget relentless restocking. From $1 a day, Alsco will take care of absolutely everything.