No compromise with health and safety when it comes to healthcare facilities. Alsco understands the needs of healthcare industry and creates offers and services that match those requirements. You can have 100% sanitary uniforms, contamination-preventing floor mats, flawlessly hygienic washrooms and First Aid Kits suitable for a healthcare facility. All this is regularly maintained by Alsco New Zealand representatives.


The perfect image for your healthcare facility is easily achieved by providing your workforce with smart and professional looking uniforms.

Great looking staff will make your patients feel they are well taken care of and that will build trust in your company. That’s why you should opt for Alsco’s Healthcare Workwear. Our range of products meet the New Zealand health and hygiene standards. At the same time, they are high-quality, pleasant to wear and well-designed.


It is inexcusable not to do everything in your power to make and keep your healthcare facility absolutely clean. The hygienic standards of this level are easily achieved with the help of Alsco New Zealand. We have a wide range of products that stop the bacteria, dirt and germs even before they enter your workplace. It is amazing how much the proper floor mats can help your hygienic efforts. They can prevent slips and employee fatigue and significantly boost the sanitary standards by preventing the possible contamination.


Everybody knows that people who work in the healthcare have a special hand washing routine. This also includes the hand drying. For your business to be compliant with New Zealand standards for hygiene, you need to have properly equipped and stocked washroom that enables excellent hand care. Alsco’s revolutionary continuous towel allows for hand drying that is perfect for healthcare facilities.


First Aid

It is very hard to imagine a healthcare facility that doesn’t have the best possible First Aid Kits in their workplace. Alsco’s First Aid Kits are so well stocked that they will justify the reputation your facility has. We have different first aid kits for different uses, as well as the first aid signs that can be posted on the walls. All of our kits are regularly maintained and restocked when necessary.


A workplace washroom can be the source of a workplace germ, bacteria and virus infections and contamination. However, if you use the Alsco Washroom Hygiene Systems, you will have your peace of mind when it comes to hygienic standards. Alsco New Zealand can provide you with every little detail that makes a healthcare washroom 100% sanitary and well-equipped. Hand washing, hand drying, odour control, feminine hygiene and similar washroom items will be installed, stocked and maintained by Alsco.