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Your Ultimate
Stadium Washroom Guide

Spectator Toilets | VIP Washrooms | Toilet Facilities Guidelines

Being constantly on the lookout for new improvement strategies and fostering continuous development will allow you to future-proof your stadium and keep the fans flocking to the ticket office.

We’ve created this guide to give you valuable information that’ll help you take your stadium washrooms to the next level. You’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • How many toilets should your venue have?
  • What should you consider when upgrading your sports venue washrooms?
  • What are good industry practices when it comes to washroom hygiene?

Alsco NZ Stadium Washroom & Facilities Introduction


Despite the fact that visitors are flocking to your stadium to see some live action, good eating and have great fun, a good experience wouldn’t be guaranteed without sufficient, functional and hygienic washroom facilities.

Truth is, you’ve got to be just as strategic in your thinking about your stadium washrooms as you are with your food offerings and concourse merchandise outlets.

And while you’re considering public transport accessibility or the quality of different vantage points, keep in mind that your visitors will, at some point, use the toilet facilities during their visit.

And while a seeminlgy endless queue for hot dogs and beer during halftime might irk some, toilet blocks in poor condition are going to bother them far more.

So, whether you’re managing a 20,000 or even 50,000 capacity stadium, make sure you keep the fans cheering.

Let’s break things down, washroom-wise.

Fresh and Clean - Your Gygiene Go To Featured Image


Fresh & Clean –

Your Washroom Hygiene Go-to

In the present climate where you’ve got stadiums struggling to sell seats, some will either stay at the top of their game and others will fall behind. Stadium officials are constantly reminded to enhance safety, include modern facilities and improve a fan’s experience.

  • Auckland Council TestimonialThe Fresh & Clean are an amazing bunch of people from our client manager to the service team. Everyone is always friendly, helpful and always provide 100% excellent customer service. Everything is delivered on time and last minute changes or additions are never a problem. Thanks guys for keeping it simple.”
  • – Angela Brockwell, Auldhouse

  • Auckland Council TestimonialCompetition for patrons and the constantly rising expectations of fans means sports and entertainment providers are having to raise the bar in the facilities, services and environments they offer at their events.”
  • – Auckland Council Venue Development Strategy

Meeting those expectations means improving your stadium washroom facilities. Although a challenge, well-fitted and well-kept washrooms are a must in high-volume facilities such as stadiums. You don’t want to consider the alternative; a dirty, poorly maintained, non-functioning washroom.

So when benchmarking your facilities, ask yourself this question. Do your stadium toilets need a facelift? Or, will maintenance be performed on a just-in-time basis?

Fan With Sign At Soccer Game
Image Source: Burst

Let Fresh & Clean give you a leg up. As your stadium washroom service provider, our rental model will allow you to leave your washrooms in our capable hands while you concentrate on driving sales and revenue.

We’re already helping over 34,000 New Zealand business achieve safe and hygienic toilet facilities. Our tried-and-true strategy provides customers with high-quality washroom hygiene supplies whenever and wherever they need them.

And if you find yourself wasting time hunting for soap dispensers, hand sanitisers, sanitary disposal bins or air fresheners, then don’t sweat it, we’ve got themall.

What F&C Stadium areas should be provided with facilities


What Stadium Areas Should Be Provided With Toilet Facilities?

One criteria by which stadiums are judged is by how long it takes fans to shuffle from their seats to the toilet facilities.

To prevent over-crowding in the main concourse areas, toilet blocks should be conveniently distributed around the various seating arrangements. In general, toilet facilities should be accessible in the following areas:

Stadium Spectators Area

Spectator’s Areas

Toilet blocks should be strategically positioned to facilitate easy access from each seating area in order to control visitor flow and prevent traffic jams in the washroom areas. They’re typically located at the concourse area which skirts the main sectors of the stadium.

Make sure that disabled toilets make up a sufficient percentage of your overall toilet numbers. They should be available at each level and provided with disabled friendly access.

Stadium Toilet Changing Room Locker

Changing Rooms

Team sports call for large communal changing areas fitted with toilet and shower areas and well-thought-out bench seating. The design of your changing facilities must cater to a specific number of players and be of a consistent standard for both the home team and the ‘away’ team changing rooms.

Stadium Toilet in Changing Room for Match Officials

Changing Rooms for Match Officials

Changing rooms dedicated to match officials should contain individual toilet and shower compartments. You should have sex ratio in mind here as well for cases of mixed-gender referee teams. So, separate changing rooms should be available for male and female match officials.

Toilet Facilities in Stadium for Admin Offices

Management offices

Dedicated toilet blocks are needed for stadium management and support staff. These should be planned in the stadium layout with proximity to the stadium main sectors in mind.

Toilet Facilities Tunnel Access

Tunnel Access

The tunnel access should be fitted with emergency use toilet facilities for proximity and convenience purposes.

Stadium Toilet First Aid Facilities

Central First Aid Room

The self-contained concept of the central first aid room must be preserved to include wheelchair-friendly toilet facilities. The area should contain dual access, so it could be approached from both inside and outside the stadium.

Stadium Toilet Facilities Maintenance Centre

Maintenance Area

Separate changing rooms with washroom facilities should be provided for maintenance staff for times when some elbow grease is required around the stadium premises. They can be available for repair contractors when they are engaged for reconstruction and repair work that require dirty work.

Stadium Toilet Facilities Doping Area

Doping Control Area

Hosting competitive matches requires a compulsory doping control area. Toilet facilities, waiting area and at least two observation rooms should be included in the area floor plan.

Stadium Toilet VIP Areas

VIP Area

At some stadiums, luxury boxes have evolved into self-contained areas with dedicated toilet facilities. While at others this private seating section has retained the form of a simple furnished box space, with toilets available only in the central VIP area.

Stadium Toilet Media Centres

Media Centres

Media centre should be equipped with all the necessary facilities in order for it to function as an independent area. It should contain its own lounge areas, catering and toilet facilities.

Eclipse Glass Toilet Cubicle
Image Source: lanservicesltd.co.uk

Factors to consider improving stadium washroom.


What Factors to Consider When Improving Your Stadium Washrooms?

In broad terms, if what you’re dealing with is decrepit stadium washrooms, upgrading them is what you should go for without thinking twice. For what it’s worth, stadium facility executives are on the ball in regard to stadium facility improvements.

But what are the factors you should consider when creating a foolproof solution for your washrooms? There are a few fixes you can use, some easier than others.

Either way, constant improvement efforts are going to keep you from being stuck with facilities too expensive to maintain.

So, here’s some food for thought:


With washrooms that are likely to get exposed to high traffic peaks, like the ones during halftime, one-way entrance and exit doors should be worked into the design.

Making slight layout improvements can make a huge difference for increased washroom functionality. You can make a small space area live up to its full potential by optimising the space.

When refurbishing your washroom areas, always have user-friendly washroom layout in mind. It’s going to speak volumes about how you regard your consumers. Nobody likes having to bear with long washroom lineups.


When you have washrooms hit by a sudden rush of cheering crowds on a regular basis, this is going to show pretty soon. But how to make your stadium washrooms resistant to impact and vandalism?

When the crowds are getting tough on your washrooms, you have no choice but to go tough with your washroom materials. Solid grade laminate panels are likely to keep you protected enough from washroom vandalism.

Demanding environments will also call for sturdy cubicle locks, legs and hinges as well as tamper-proof toilet hardware. Using materials that can take a lot of wear and tear can go a long way in keeping your washroom functional.

This will also keep your maintenance costs down. As well as protect you from getting caught off-guard and having to fork out wads of cash for repairs and replacements.


People are put off by the sight of a dirty, splattered toilet with bins overflowing. So, this is not what you want for your stadium facilities. High traffic toilets won’t go without regular high-quality maintenance if you’re planning to earn trust from your visitors. And you should know your toilets can be more important to them then your hospitality facilities.

Good hand washing and drying facilities go without saying for modern-day venues. What’s more, they’re constantly competing in the application of new washroom solutions and technologies.

Another thing to keep in mind is that toilet cubicle panels should be protected with layers of water and chemical-proof finishes to be able to withstand daily cleaning with detergents.


A neat looking and presentable toilet can say a lot about your establishment. This first impression matters much and can go as far as impacting on the spectator’s decision to get food in your venue.

Similarly, a good impression formed at merchandise outlets can be ruined by a markedly bad washroom experience. So you could never be too careful with your audience.

Aesthetically pleasing cubicles, spotless sanitary ware and sleek design accessories are just a few ideas to get you going.

How many toilets should be in stadium.


How Many Toilets Should Be Provided at Stadiums?

Aside from devising a good stadium security plan to handle disorderly crowds, you need to develop facilities that will accommodate all the people sitting in the stands even when they shoot down to the toilets during the halftime when the All Whites are playing.

At large sports venues, you need to do everything to avoid things get off the rails, in your toilet blocks as much as in the stands. And speaking about the toilets, you’ll need a well-thought-out strategy to control the flow of users.

People in Stadium
Image Source: Wikipedia

The number of toilets that is required by the law is calculated according to occupant density and the floor area parameters together with the capacity of the venue.

Guidelines on toilet provision can vary between different football associations stadiums liaise with. However, as stated in the New Zealand Building Code Clause G1 Personal Hygiene, here’s the number of toilet fixtures required at stadiums.

How many toilet fixtures are needed in sports venues?

[b3_row class=”mbottom10″]
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Toilet Pans
1-25 1
26-130 2
131-270 3
>270 Add 1 per 150


[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

1-50 1
51-180 2
181-320 3
>320 Add 1 per 150


[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Wash Basins
1-50 1
51-180 2
>180 Add 1 per 140


[b3_row class=”mbottom30″]
[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Toilet Pans
1-10 1
11-60 2
61-120 3
>120 Add 1 per 70

[b3_column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Wash Basins
1-70 1
71-230 2
231-400 3
>400 Add 1 per 170


If looking for a method to determine toilet numbers for different building classes and other more detailed information on the topic, refer to the New Zealand Building Code Clause G1 Personal Hygiene.

Or you can resort to the New Zealand government’s online toilet calculator if neither of the previous methods help.

How to improve stadium washrrom design?


How to Improve Your Stadium Washroom Design?

High-traffic and vandal-prone stadium washrooms require some careful thought in order to be sustainable. If you’ve made mistakes with the initial design, subsequent improvements might be necessary to keep the washrooms functional.

Washroom waterproofing, misuse prevention and installation of modern accessories are some other elements worth considering. Your toilet blocks might need just a few design tweaks or they may call for a comprehensive refurbishment project.

Whichever the case, with hardwearing washroom materials you’ll have a washroom that can withstand heavy use intervals. Such a washroom can stay fully operative at all times and spare you some crippling unplanned replacement costs.

Stadium Washroom Design
Image Source: dunhamwasrooms.com

Now, here are some up-to-the-minute washroom design solutions to get you inspired. Once you’ve got the design elements worked out, going forward with implementation is the easier part. You can upgrade your washroom by using:

How to improve VIP stadium washroom design.


How to Improve Your VIP Stadium Washrooms Design?

Stadium luxury boxes and club seating are paired with VIP lounges, special merchandise stands and classy toilets. Unavailable to regular ticketholders, they offer exclusive high-calibre amenities in exchange for a higher price.

Architectural plans work in considerably higher ratio of toilets to fans in VIP washrooms that fixes the problem of lineups common in regular stadium areas.

VIP Stadium Washroom Design
Image Source: dunhamwasrooms.com

When it comes to the most exclusive and revenue-generating stadium areas, you have to spend money to make money. So, here are some washroom pro hacks to help you create washrooms that exude an air of luxury. Take these into account when making your investment decisions:

  • Go for sleek design and elegant lines combined with sturdiness
  • Choose toilet cubicles with high-quality waterproof finishes and vanity units covered in wet wall panels
  • Choose elegant design cubicles with no visible fixings
  • Consider a fully framed system for strength and stability
  • Opt for rust-resistant pilasters and headrails
  • Think about natural materials like stone, wood and marble

What are stadium hygiene safety practices.


What Are the Best Washroom Hygiene and Safety Practices?

The condition of your stadium toilets is a safety issue, to begin with. Sports fans may not be that hard to please, yet, soiled toilets and long lines will be regularly tweeted about at the expense of your revenue.

Toilet experience will merge with other elements to form a general impression of your venue. And to get those seats booked, you better get those facilities shipshape before the word gets out.

Best Washroom Hygiene Safety Practices
Image Source: lanservicesltd.co.uk

Being exposed to public scrutiny can work for or against you. While bad reviews such as these can hurt your business.

Trip Advisor Bad Toilet Review

But Here’s the Kicker.

We went over and above to collate the best advice there is on how to get your washrooms spotless, even at high-volume venues.

Just follow through. Good washroom results and stellar user reviews are going show before you know it.

1. Figure washroom maintenance high on your priority list

Maintenance staff shortage is the first thing to attend to. You might have to have your maintenance team engaged in shorter intervals than at other non-high-volume venues. The effect of maintenance pace you have on off-peak hours would be cancelled out very quickly if you kept the same pace during peak hours.

Yet, in high-volume venues, even regular cleaning might not be enough. Due to enormously high foot traffic at specific time intervals, it’s very hard to keep your washroom unaffected by odour problems.

There is a remedy for this. Nothing too fancy. It’s just washroom hygiene products, but the ones that target the underlying cause of the problem, which is bacteria and grime build-up in toilet pans and pipes. They don’t actually just solve the problem, they prevent it from happening next time too.

The bio-cleaning treatment is powerful, non-toxic and 100% eco-friendly. So you can expect Fresh & Clean’s intensive biological treatment to:

  • Get rid of germs and grime
  • Put an end to offensive odours
  • Unblock traps and pipes
  • Prevent the issues from recurring

Keep School Washroom Clean

2. Think low-maintenance

Working in low-maintenance, non-porous surfaces and materials into your washroom design will save you time and money in the years to come. Making a few smart picks can make life so much easier.

New washroom technologies can spare your maintenance staff some elbow grease and make the work less time-consuming.

Most important of all, picking the advanced low-maintenance materials will extend the life cycle of your stadium washroom facilities. As well as make them less prone to damage.

So, here we go. A few things to help you cut down on cleaning time:

  • polished porcelain tiles, stone slabs or ceramic tiling
  • back to wall floor mounted or wall-hung toilet pans
  • wall mounted taps
  • water-resistant vanity unit panels
  • built-in wash basins
  • toilet cubicles with easy-clean finishes
  • toilet cistern boxing

3. Get automated: Use touchless toilet fixtures and accessories

While touchless technologies minimise the contact points and reduce cross-contamination, they are also less prone to getting damaged due to easy use.

As public spaces of high occupancy rate and lots of shared areas, stadiums are germ hotspots. And there’s something that needs to be done about it.

Stadiums are taking to reaching out to their fans online with sportsmen’s engagement to help improve the fans’ lifestyle. While just a few straightforward steps in stadium washrooms can make a huge difference.

So, when automating your stadium toilets choosing to go for all-or-nothing can go a long way towards promoting the health of your visitors. So, consider installing:

4. Spice up you high-traffic toilets with engaging hygiene posters

Stadium executives are making continuous efforts to keep toilet standards in line with visitors’ expectations. Yet, poor washroom etiquette of stadium visitors can turn those efforts into disaster.

The data coming from a recent study pointing to the fact that only 5% of people wash their hands correctly will give us something to chew over.

Still, imposing rules to football fans won’t actually work like charm. What will work, however, is a few on-point fact-based hygiene posters to get them thinking. Making washroom etiquette blunders can simply come down to people not being aware of things.

Fresh & Clean went all out to make things a breeze for you. We’ve crafted piles of useful hygiene posters for your washrooms. They come in a casual tone and are spiced up with some witty humour.

Free download of washroom hygiene posters


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5. Handle your toilet waste elegantly

If you really want to spruce up your toilets, you can’t allow for an unsightly look of toilet waste bins overbrimming with rubbish. To put the visual effect aside, waste that isn’t properly binned becomes an objective health hazard.

Things are likely to get out of control (and all over the place) during high traffic intervals when your toilets are left at the mercy of huge numbers of stadium visitors.

This can be attended to either by an insanely organised maintenance staff or by letting professionals fix the thing.

Fresh & Clean offers sanitary disposal services which are backed by up-to-date technology and high efficiency. With smart and safe design waste disposal bins come with minimal contact lift-flap opening mechanism, eco-friendly liners and regular servicing.

6. Fight germs at the source with WC sanitisers

With stadium grounds teeming with people, your toilets can get messy at an impossibly fast rate. An unsightly washroom can translate into an unfavourable review even at a faster rate.

And then there’s a health risk.

Toilet seats are breeding ground of all sorts of harmful bugs that can spoil the party for the fans once they get home. To prevent nasty infection ‘afterparties’, make sure to install toilet seat sanitisers in your washrooms.

Installing WC sanitisers is a step further towards smart toilets. While serving as the first line of defence where it’s most needed, their self-cleaning features released with every flush are absolutely stellar.

You get to eradicate diarrhoea-causing bacteria before they become airborne after toilet flushing as well as 24/7 protection for a complete peace of mind.

Washroom Guide


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Improve Stadium Toilet Facilities Measurement


Toilet Cubicle Measurements

Toilet Cubicle Sizes
Wheelchair and Ambulant Cubicle Measurement


Wheelchair and Ambulant Disabled Cubicle Measurements

Toilet Cubicle Measurements
Alsco NZ Stadium facilities Improvement


Choosing a Stadium Washroom Service Provider

With fans likely to tweet just about any stadium experience they have, you won’t be able to get away with lousy toilets.

On the other hand, well-presented washrooms will make a statement about your entire establishment. Similarly, winning good online reviews will let you win against the run of play when it comes to competition.

Stadium Washroom Service
Image Source: lanservicesltd.co.uk

But why put important stuff on the back burner so you could take care of your washrooms when you can get the pros do the work?

So, hire a stadium washroom service provider you can trust. With over 50 years of experience in the business and over 34.000 Kiwi customers to testify of the quality of our services, we believe we qualify.

Sign up for year-round Fresh & Clean washroom services for a low monthly fee and we’ll get cracking on making your washrooms meet the highest washroom standard there is.

Fresh & Clean’s core values are well-rooted in corporate sustainability. We have a wide selection of environmentally-safe products to boast while embracing sustainable green practices in our production processes.

Now, browse through the list of our washroom hygiene products and services and then get yourself a good deal quote.

Soap Dispensers

Fresh & Clean has a diverse selection of wall mounted soap dispenser units in different forms, colours and soap types to choose according to your preferences. Elegantly designed leading-edge dispensers are also lockable and tamper-proof for added durability. Our line of hands-free soap dispensers is intended for use in high-traffic public environments, which stadiums definitely are. When you have a venue where you have up to 50.000 people congregating, safe-us, no-touch soap dispensers count big time. Find out more about our Soap Dispensers.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitisers

Preventing the spread of infections at stadiums is a question of public health as well as of your bottom line. Most people will rather watch the footy HD at their homes when they come down with a cold. Yet, putting alcohol-based hand sanitisers up on your toilet walls will reduce the chances of people transmitting germs to one another.

They increase you toilet users’ safety while they’re safe for the environment as well being 100% eco-friendly. Find out more about our Hand Sanitisers.

Hand Drying System of Fresh & Clean

Hand Drying Products

If you’re aiming for modern high standard stadium toilets, sleek, up-to-the-minute hand dryers will add to the right feel of it. At Fresh & Clean, you’re left with a wide-ranging choice of only the best latest technology drying products. We’ve made sure everything’s available to our customers, starting from paper towel dispensers, sensor operated air hand dryers to super-fast jet driers. Also, we’ve developed a line of environmentally-safe hand drying products if you prefer to go green. Find out more about our Hand Drying Products.

Feminine and nappy disposal bins

Waste Disposal Units

How you deal with your washroom waste speaks volumes about the entire venue. Unsightly paper tissues all over the place will likely attract fierce criticism of stadium-goers. We’ve thought about that as well. Our feminine and nappy disposal bins are just the thing for stadium washrooms that are becoming more and more frequented by the gentler sex. So, to handle waste in the smoothest and most hygienic way possible, subscribe for our washroom servicing. With our rental solution, you can forget about your toilets, cause we won’t. Find out more about our Waste Disposal Units.

Toilet Seats Sanitisers

Our WC sanitising products will give your washrooms an air of safety and reliability. People are aware of disease cross-contamination today more than ever. And just one look at the sanitisers neatly installed at your toilet cubicles will give them a peace of mind. We offer sanitisers applied on the toilet seats as well as the automatic flush-activated WC sanitisers what’ll kill the germs at the source – the toilet pan. Find out more bout our Toilet Seats Sanitisers.

Air Fresheners

Our air fresheners have the high chances of fighting bad odours off, thanks to their natural oil-based ingredients. Their low-quality perfume based counterpart will only mask offensive odours to a lousy effect.

Want 100% natural and completely biodegradable air fresheners? You’ve come to the
right place. Find out more about our Air Fresheners.

Alsco Intensive Toilet Cleaning

Intensive Biological Washroom Treatment

If you’ve got more persistent odour problems and air fresheners won’t help, we’ve got ace up our sleeve here too. With deep washroom treatment based on biological products you can even handle the issues you considered unfeasible.

This cutting-edge cleaning technology will target the very cause of grimy urinals and malodour problems. Something the regular chemical cleaning agents can never achieve. The products we use for the intensive treatment method contains natural bugs that will literally eat up your washroom problems. Find out more about our Intensive Biological Washroom Treatment.

New Zealand Building Code Clause G1 Personal Hygiene

Auckland Council’s Venue Development Strategy

A Blueprint For Successful Stadium Development

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