How the Ecosafe Washer Works

The Ecosafe Washer is an highly-effective and entirely safe cleaning system for automotive parts.  This remarkable cleaning system is based on bio remediation – the natural process that dramatically decreases the use of dangerous chemical components.

Ecosafe Washer works by utilising the amazingly strong degreasing fluid – OzzyJuice and OzzyMat – a particle trap packed with microbes that help the cleaning process.

The Ecosafe Washer is safe to use, cost effective and remarkably strong.
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Bioremediation is the process of eliminating dangerous chemicals from the environment by the use of natural elements such as microbes or plants. It is used to dispose of “hazardous substances” or “contaminants”. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recognises this process as one of the innovative technologies.

Are “Bioremediating” and “Biodegradable” the same thing?

BIODEGRADABLE means that a substance is dissolved into its building compounds. BIOREMEDIATION means utilising natural agents to eliminate and/or dissolve contaminants. FOR EXAMPLE: In the Ecosafe Washer Ozzy(s) act as agents. Ozzy(s) are carefully selected, safe and non-pathogenic germs. They break down grease and oil into carbon dioxide and water.

How safe is Ecosafe Washer, really?

The OzzyJuice decreasing solutions are based on water and safe, non-pathogenic microbes. This makes it secure and pH neutral. It doesn’t cause corrosion, and isn’t toxic for humans or the environment. When you follow the instructions while using the Ecosafe Washer it DOES NOT create liquid hazardous wastes or produce cradle-to-grave liabilities.

Who and what is Ozzy®?

In short, the Ozzy(s) are the microbes we use for dissolving oils and grease into water and CO2. These little guys, Ozzy and his friends, feed on hydrocarbon wastes and produce H2O and CO2 as byproducts. The creation of Ozzy has been inspired by the ingenious solution of Exxon Valdez who used microbes to clear up the huge oil spill in March of 1989.

Our microbes, in particular, remediate:

  • OILS
  • BTEX
  • PCP
  • FATS
  • PNA

How does Ecosafe Washer deal with the grease, oil and other contaminants?

Firstly, the larger particles are caught into the OzzyMat. This means that all dirt, sand and similar grit is removed. What remains are oil , grease and similar contaminants. Since OzzyMat lets those through, it is time for OzzyJuice to work its magic – to transform these contaminants into safe and harmless substances: water and CO2.

What is the right amount of oil that I can put into the Ecosafe Washer?

As long as you use Ecosafe Washer as a cleaner for your automotive parts, you will be safe. Even if those parts are extremely greasy. However, Ecosafe Washer is NOT a waste oil dump and should not be used as one.

How fast can Ozzy dissolve oil and grease?

The optimal performance conditions for Ozzy is the temperature between 108°F – 115°F and OzzyMat which is changed on a monthly basis. If these conditions are met, OzzyJuice transforms around 80% of hydrocarbons weekly. Analyses performed on samples of used OzzyJuice from operating Ecosafe Washers consistently show oil and grease levels in the 1,400 parts per million range. BY COMPARISON, used, non-bioremediating, aqueous cleaners can average over 20,000 parts per million of oil and grease.

How well does OzzyJuice clean?

More aggressive and dangerous chemicals may seem like more efficient cleaning agents. That is just not true. OzzyJuice is extraordinarily powerful and has a unique way of removing grease. Instead of dissolving it, it breaks the bond between the surface and grease, first. This is a much safer process with no harmful by-products but with all the efficiency.

Will OzzyJuice clean most parts that I use in my shop?

YES. You can safely clean your carburetors, transmissions, aluminum brakes and anything else. It will even do it in a safe way. All the non-metal parts, such as rubber or plastic, will not be damaged, as well. Of course, different items will be cleaned to a different level, depending on the degree of dirt on them.

Is it safe to soak parts in the OzzyJuice or the Ecosafe Washer?

NO. Soft metals will definitely corrode if you soak them in Ecosafe Washer. Firmer metal parts will not suffer that much damage, but soaking is not recommended, either way. Moreover, if there’s time, lubricate your metal parts after cleaning them in Ecosafe Washer and before using.

What is the right colour for OzzyJuice?

OzzyJuice will change colour and appear dirty and contaminated. This is 100% normal. It happens because Ozzy microbes take on the artificial colours used for oils and grease.

How come OzzyJuice doesn’t irritate my hands like solvents?

OzzyJuice does not make your hands dry, red and doesn’t cause any similar dermatological issues. This happens because OzzyJuice OzzyJuice is a pH-neutral, non-caustic, water-based formula.

What happens if I use OzzyJuice in other parts washers?

OzzyJuice should only be used in Ecosafe Washer. There are several factors that are important for optimal work of OzzyJuice and they vary from one washer to another. Ozzy works on specific temperature, has a certain compensation for the foam and similar. Additionally, other washers don’t have the OzzyMat which is necessary.

What happens if I use other fluids in my EcoSafe Washer?

No. The amazing ecosystem of Ecosafe Washer, OzzyJuice and OzzyMat should not be tempered with. Unless you want to damage the machine or kill Ozzy, don’t attempt to replace the fluid yourself.  The use of other solutions in the Ecosafe Washer will void the warranty.

Why is the Ecosafe Washer so warm?

Everybody knows that warm liquids clean better than cold liquids. That is not the only reason. The second and the more important one is the fact that Ozzy wakes up and eats in warm environment.

Will Ecosafe Washer overheat if the OzzyJuice gets low?

NO. When the OzzyJuice is low two things happen: the “Add Fluid” light is turned on and the heater is automatically turned off. The pump will still work, but with the heater off. It requires a 5 gallon box of OzzyJuice to start the heater again.


What happens when a New Zealand business orders Ecosafe Washer?

Alsco representatives bring a brand new machine to your location. You and your staff are explained how to use it properly in great detail.  That’s not all – once a week we come inspect the machine, change the filter and address any questions you may have. All that is included in the rental price.