Auto Sanitisers

Keeping your workplace toilets clean, fresh and sanitised means taking good care of your business. It will prevent the bad odours, leave a good impression to your visitors, improve the comfort of your employees but also prevent bacteria and germs from influencing the health of your staff.

Cleaning toilets is your first line of defence and adding air fresheners to the equation is definitely a good idea. But, if you really want to eliminate odours permanently and prevent the germ spreading, you need to add auto sanitisers to your efforts.

Alsco’s Auto Sanitisers control the spread of bacteria at its source. By sanitising your toilets, you kill bacteria where they start, so the chances of them spreading around your workplace are minimised. Moreover, it also means that the odours will be eliminated, as well, so the air fresheners will have a much easier task.

With every flush, the correct dose of the sanitising product will be released in order to wipe down all persistent bacteria.

Key Features

  • Compatible with almost any plumbing system
  • Auto system works on its own
  • Helps prevent uric acid buildup
  • Prevents odours from spreading
  • Regular servicing on every 8 weeks

Washroom sanitising is not just about creating a pleasant environment, it is about ensuring optimal levels of hygiene.

Don’t settle for the second best. Go with Alsco New Zealand proven and tested washroom hygiene options.

As part of our managed rental system, we’ll fit, maintain and refill these automatic sanitisers at no added cost, ensuring your business’s washrooms are safe and spotless – always.