Hand Drying

Hand washing is essential for workplace hygiene. But, did you now that hand drying is just as important?

Hands that are not properly dried and still have damp patches contribute to the spread of germs.

There are many debates about which drying system is the best: air drying, paper towels or even cloth towels. There are many pros and cons to each of those systems. That’s why Alsco New Zealand offers you all of them.

We have excellent and efficient drying systems that meet the needs of any business and any industry. Our solutions cover food industry, industrial workshops, offices and all other venues.

The idea behind all of our hand drying options is to keep your workplace as safe as possible from the germs that are just waiting to spread.

Take a look at our range of products and call Alsco to help you choose the best hand drying option for your business.

Cloth Towel Dispensers

After listening to hundreds of clients through the period of many decades, Alsco realised what people need and want from their hand drying system.

People like the touch of a good, old, cloth towel. We created a two-chamber Cloth Towel Dispenser that provides you with the fresh and clean cloth towel while disposing the used part in a separate chamber.

  • Two chambers for increased hygiene
  • Soft touch of cloth, easy on the hands
  • Highly absorbent towels
  • Environmentally friendly

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Paper Towel Dispensers

Easy on your hands and soft to the touch, these paper towels are the an efficient system for hand drying.

Perfect for all the workplace areas where hand drying or hand wiping is frequent. These types of towels are of great help in kitchens and washrooms but also industrial workshops.

  • Suitable for workshops
  • Range of interleaf, roll-towel and hands-free options available
  • Touch-less dispenser eliminates the spread of bacteria
  • Choice of environmentally-friendly paper options

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Air Towels

The Fresh & Clean hand dryer comes with a powerful motor so that your hands are completely dry in ten seconds. The no-touch option ensures that germs are not passed on from touching contaminated surfaces.

  • Environmentally-friendly hot/cold air option
  • Activated by an infra-red motion sensor
  • Choice of manual or automatic settings
  • Wide range of antibacterial and fragrance booster cartridges available

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Jet Dry Executive

Jet Dry Executive distributes warm air on your hands and dries them in 10-12 seconds.

More power means shorter drying time. In combination with low power usage, this makes it an eco-friendly option. The special filter blocks germs, bacteria and viruses from reaching your skin.

  • Energy saving system
  • Ultra-fast hand drying
  • Elegant design
  • Extra quiet

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“…they are always willing to go the extra mile to help us out when we get stuck.”

Lyndsey Morrison-Barnes, Resort Manager, Paihia Beach Resort & Spa


After initial enquiries with Alsco back in April 2015 the transition over to their service for our Hotel, restaurant and day spa linen, was swift and hassle-free. One of the best things about Alsco is that we are always dealing with the same people, right from the word go. Our account manager is always available to us should we need him, and any small issues we have had have been dealt with immediately and professionally. The service we’ve received from the Alsco Northland team is fantastic. I would happily recommend Alsco to other companies."

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