Hand Care

From the moment you get up to the moment you enter your workplace, your hands have touched so many things. You use them for driving, or holding onto bars in public transportation. You touch money, your smartphone and shake hands with other people. All this means you touch millions of bacteria even before you enter your workplace. The same goes with other employees. It means that hand hygiene is of essential importance for maintaining a healthy and sanitary workplace.

Hygiene is the first barrier between a healthy workplace and a contagion or infection. Alsco helps you create a hygienic workplace in which there is no room for dangerous bacteria.

Stopping the spread of diseases and offering effective and convenient solutions to make your workplace more sanitary is what we in Alsco New Zealand do best.

We offer hand care products that fight possible contagions even before they happen. Eliminating dirt, bacteria and microbes from your employees’ hands requires well-positioned, regularly replenished and effective products. We have them all.

With every hand washing sink you have on your premises, we have a system of soaps and sanitisers that makes hand sanitising quick and easy, regardless of your industry. Professional kitchens, office gardens, entry/exit points and more are all locations where hand care units would be of benefit.

Do you want your soap dispensers to be white, black or silver? Do you prefer liquid soap or foam? Do you need your hand sanitisers wall-mounted?

Alsco’s managed rental hand care service supplies, refills and maintains your washroom units – at no extra cost. It’s the convenient, cost-effective solution to hygiene for your workplace.

Hand Sanitisers

Both stand alone and wall-mounted options are available for your convenience. The alcohol-based liquid disinfects your hands without irritating or drying your skin due to the moisturiser added to it. Smart sanitising system ensures a precise dose of disinfectant is administered with each use.

  • Wall mounted option available
  • Manual and automatic dispensing systems available
  • Alcohol based disinfectant
  • Environmentally safe
  • Moisturiser added for better hand care

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Soap Dispensers

Elegant, stylish and convenient hand soap dispensers can be ordered in their manual or automatic form. You get to choose your preferred type of soap. We offer perfumed or non-perfumed soaps, hypoallergenic or anti-bacterial and all of these options come in foam, spray or liquid.

  • Manual or automatic wall mounted dispensers
  • Silver, white or black, lockable dispensers
  • Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic soap types
  • Liquid, foam or spray soap forms

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“…they are always willing to go the extra mile to help us out when we get stuck.”

Lyndsey Morrison-Barnes, Resort Manager, Paihia Beach Resort & Spa


After initial enquiries with Alsco back in April 2015 the transition over to their service for our Hotel, restaurant and day spa linen, was swift and hassle-free. One of the best things about Alsco is that we are always dealing with the same people, right from the word go. Our account manager is always available to us should we need him, and any small issues we have had have been dealt with immediately and professionally. The service we’ve received from the Alsco Northland team is fantastic. I would happily recommend Alsco to other companies."