PolyCotton Bib Overall

The Alsco Polycotton Bib Overall garment is made from a poly cotton blend that combines the strengths of the two fibers. It is known to be a breathable fabric and does not absorb odours easily.

This garment also offers toughness and durability. It has been designed to New Zealand standards to make your staff look professional yet comfortable while at work.

  • Sizes: 77-117
  • 230gsm
  • Also available in S fitting

Available Colours…

navy coloured polycotton bib overall with white inner shirt
Polycotton Bib Overall Azure
Royal Blue

We also have Cotton Bib Overall available if you’re looking for a purely cotton made overall. It is designed to keep your staff feel cool, hence it can be worn even in hot places.

Alsco Industrial Workwear Size Chart Link

Why Alsco’s Managed Service is Best for your Business…

A convenient experience for you is at the top of our minds – always. Alsco’s rental service is hyper-fast and accurate.

  • No large, up front capital costs.
  • We can tweak our services to fit your business with ease
  • Easy order increase for busy time periods
  • World-class inventory management system for easy ordering
  • Control your costs to match your needs and budget

To get started, simply telephone our friendly customer service representatives on 0800 4 ALSCO or complete the online enquiry form.


“100% excellent customer service”

Angela Brockwell, Auldhouse


The Fresh & Clean team are an amazing bunch of people from our client manager to the service team. Everyone is always friendly, helpful and always provide 100% excellent customer service. Everything is delivered on time and last minute changes or additions are never a problem. Thanks guys for keeping it simple."