Food Industry Overalls

The surest way to avoid all the spills and splatters that often happen in the Food Processing industry is to use overalls for your employee workwear.  This high-quality piece of garment is an excellent and convenient choice.

Alsco’s overalls are made of polycotton which makes them highly durable, but also breathable, functional and comfortable. They come in long sleeve and short sleeve version for different weather and workplace conditions.

These overalls allow for the freedom of movement, but they are also designed to prevent any sort of contamination. They are lint free, the pockets, zips and domes are secluded so they don’t pick up bits of pieces of food and spread the germs.

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service ensures sparkling clean workwear at your doorstep at all times, anywhere in New Zealand.

Long Sleeve Dairy Polycotton Overall

Alsco’s range of purpose designed Food Processing workwear delivers a clean, professional and hygienic image for our customers while meeting the applicable health and safety guidelines of the industry.

This long sleeve dairy overall is made with high-quality fabric that offers toughness and durability. It has a wider space along the underarm area to allow you to move better.

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Long Sleeve Polycotton Food Overall

Food preparation means a lot of stains and a lot of sanitary guidelines. Long Sleeve Polycotton Food Overall meets all those demands. It protects your employees from splatter and stains, but it also offers them comfort and flexibility of movement.

With Alsco’s Managed Rental Service, you don’t even have to worry about how to keep them perfectly clean and ironed.


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Short Sleeve Dairy Polycotton Overall

Short sleeves on this overall allow a lot of flexibility in movement and a lot more pleasant wear in the summer months. Still, it provides for good protection. It domes, pockets and other details are concealed so they don’t come in touch with the food, so that all possible cross-contamination is prevented.

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Short Sleeve Polycotton Food Overall

Excellent short sleeve overall made especially to meet the demands of the food processing industry. The fabric is breathable and sturdy and the design is perfect for food processing facilities. No static, no lint, no food caught on the buttons, zips and other details. Pockets are internal, so that all stains and splatter are easily removed.

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