Food Industry Head Wear

When handling food, it is essential that the employees have their hair protected and covered. That is the only way to ensure that no hair will come in contact with food and contaminate it. That is not the only industry that requires the workers to wear caps.

That’s why Alsco New Zealand offers different designs and styles of caps. They are suitable for Food Processing Industry employees. Our caps come in different shapes and sizes and most of them even have adjustable parts that make them flexible when it comes to size.

Alsco’s rental service includes these caps, as well. It means you can instruct your employees to put them into the laundry bin when they are worn for a while and we’ll collect them, wash them and bring them back looking good as new.


Adjustable Velcro Back Cap

There is a good reason why you will find this type of cap in many kitchens and food processing facilities across New Zealand. This design works well in different sizes and with different purposes.

This adjustable velcro back cap offers both comfort and style. It’s made of high-quality and durable polycotton materials and features a velcro size adjuster at the back.

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Elastic Back Cap

The classic design of this cap make it extremely versatile and that is precisely what you need from your head wear. It can be work by employees who work in different industries and be just as effective in a diary as in a kitchen.

This elastic back cap combines comfort, functionality, and hygiene in one. It also features an elastic back for size flexibility and a stitched peak

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Elastic Back Factory Cap

This type of cap has many uses. It is the perfect choice for many industries as it has universal and versatile design. The elastic edge helps covering the wearer’s hair and the front bill is useful and short enough so it doesn’t get in the way.

This is made of high-quality fabric that offers durability, comfort and keep your staff look clean and professional.

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Mesh Back Full Food Cap

For the best possible protection it is best to use the full polycotton mesh back cap. It doesn’t just cover the top part of your head, but also collects and protects the rest of the wearer’s hair. The shade is also an addition that makes it even more practical.

The full polycotton mesh back of this cap ensures a comfortable fit. It’s a smart and stylish way to keep the hair neat and comfy while at work. This cap also features an elastic back closer to prevent it from falling off.

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Polycotton Skull Cap

Good Food Head Wear is just what any Food Processing business needs in order to comply to the health and safety guidelines. This is an irreplaceable piece of workwear that prevents hair from getting into food.

Constructed from premium fabrics, this polycotton skull cap guarantees the perfect fit and comfort. Its elastic back keeps it in place when worn to avoid slipping from your head.

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