PVC Bib Apron

PVC apron is just the thing you need for heavy duty work in the Food Processing industry of New Zealand. It may not be as gentle as cotton, but it is perfect for specific uses.

This PVC bib apron ensures comfort and coverage to keep your clothes protected. It’s made of quality, durable PVC material and features welded eyelets with detachable straps.
PVC Bib Apron

  • Sizes: A
  • Length: 122cm
  • Width: 91cm
  • 280 gsm

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The Nourish Group

“…the level of service is outstanding.”

Gareth Stewart , National Executive Chef, The Nourish Group


I have been with Alsco for the last two years and the level of service is outstanding. I love coming into work every morning to see my team of chefs looking smart and ship shape in their beautifully pressed jackets."