Food Industry Aprons

Can you imagine a kitchen without aprons? How about any other food processing venue? Of course not. Alsco New Zealand offers a wide range of high-quality aprons that meet the needs of many businesses in the Food Industry.

Moreover, we take extra care to make sure all the product we offer to you are compliant to rules and regulations of the industry. Alsco takes pride in flawless hygiene and unmatched sanitary standards. Our aprons are no exception.

We offer aprons in different sizes, styles and made of different fabric. Take a look at our range of products and opt for Alsco’s Managed Rental Service.

Cotton Bib Apron

This is a classical white apron that has many uses and is present in many kitchens in New Zealand. Tailored for practicality and designed for durability, it is the perfect choice for Food Industry businesses.

This cotton bib apron offers great coverage to keep your clothes safe from stains. Comes with a fabric self-ties and a neck loop.

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Cotton Bib Apron with Pocket

Alsco’s Food Industry Aprons includes only the aprons that are designed and made to meet the health and safety guidelines of New Zealand food industry.

Keep your clothes safe from spills and splatters in the kitchen with this cotton bib apron. It also comes with a functional front pocket, fabric self-ties and a neck loop. It is 100cm in length from the top to the hem for total coverage.

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Designer Bib Apron with Pocket

Every apron you choose from Alsco New Zealand matches the health and safety guidelines of the industry. You cannot go wrong. However, for those who want to add some style to their workwear, we also included designer aprons to our range of products.

This bib-style apron guarantees not only comfort but also class and elegance. It comes with a functional front pocket, sturdy fabric self-ties, and a neck loop. It is 80cm in length from the top to the hem and 71 cm in width for better coverage.

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Nylon Striped Bib Apron

Cotton is breathable, but there are some tasks that only nylon can perform. For those situations, Alsco New Zealand offers this durable and highly functional apron.

Avoid getting spills and splatters in your clothes while cooking with this stripe nylon bib apron. Aside from its stylish stripe pattern, this bib-style apron also comes with sturdy fabric self-ties, and a neck loop.

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Polycotton Bib Apron

Alsco’s Food Industry Aprons are designed to match all health and safety guidelines of New Zealand.

This bib apron is made of high-quality materials that is designed for durability and excellent fit. Its length is enough to offer great coverage and comfort. It also comes with a neck loop and sturdy fabric self-ties.

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Polycotton Popover with Pocket

This polycotton bib apron offers great flexibility, utility, and comfort. It is made of high-quality polycotton that’s guaranteed to last and it comes with a functional pocket.

Its length offers enough coverage to keep your clothes from getting stained with all sorts of cooking mess.

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PVC Bib Apron

PVC apron is just the thing you need for heavy duty work in the Food Processing industry of New Zealand. It may not be as gentle as cotton, but it is perfect for specific uses.

This PVC bib apron ensures comfort and coverage to keep your clothes protected. It’s made of quality, durable PVC material and features welded eyelets with detachable straps.

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Striped Bratting Bib Apron

Hygienic and sanitary conditions are your first priority. But, that doesn’t mean you should not add some style, as well. While being perfectly washed and cleaned, this striped apron comes in great pattern.

This bib-style apron is made from high-quality materials that’s guaranteed to last. It also comes in a classic stripe pattern for a stylish look.

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