Scale & Lime – Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner/Sanitiser

Scale & Lime is a heavy duty phosphoric based low-foaming acid/detergent/sanitizer for removal of dissolved solids and alkaline residues from coffee, hopper and associated surfaces, coffee pots, sinks, plug holes, and many other surfaces. Scale & Lime also removes surface rusting from ferrous metals and protects against subsequent re-rusting.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-concentrated for the really tough de-scaling jobs
  • Specialist de-scaling agents for rapid penetration
  • Antibacterial agents to assist bacterial control
  • Biodegradable for a cleaner environment


Dilution rates for CIP applications vary depending on soiling levels. 1% to 10% dilution rate will suit most applications. Increase dilution if required. Circulate for 15-20 minutes. Ensure all surfaces are thoroughly rinsed. For surface cleaning, dilute from a 1-20% solution depending on soiling levels. Spray or pour onto surfaces. Leave for 2 minutes, then scrub (if required) and rinse. For spray n wipe applications a 5-10% solution should suit most applications, although stronger solutions may yield faster results. Please refer to label and treat with caution. See precaution panel on label. Avoid inhalation and skin contact.

Specification Sheet