Nappy Disposal

A simple and effective solution for hygienic, discrete nappy disposal – no matter your washroom environment.

In New Zealand, too few washrooms facilitate baby changing. This can leave employees and visitors feeling alienated and frustrated.

That’s exactly why Alsco created the Nappy Disposal service. We understand the needs of your washroom visitors. No matter if they’re regular visitors or carers changing their baby, they should be provided with clean, hygienic, easy-to-use facilities.

Key Features

  • EPA approved disposal system
  • Unit removed and replaced during service
  • Flexible service schedule
  • Large 48L capacity

Alsco’s Nappy Disposal units are designed to ensure maximum hygiene standards.

With a large capacity, hygienic containers and regular maintenance, they’re a convenient answer to meeting the basic needs of the little ones visiting your washroom.

And Alsco’s managed rental service, we’ll even replace each nappy disposal unit entirely when we service your washroom – ensuring your spaces are kept clean, hygienic, and as brand-new as possible.

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“…All in all she makes my life that much easier.”

Jen Heaphy, Project Administration Manager, Well Connected Alliance


Dealing with Ginny from Fresh & Clean is an absolute pleasure – nothing is ever too much for her – in our business we are constantly downsizing – and this does not mean her service to us diminishes. She treats us as though we are a customer that is in expansion mode.

Alsco Managed Rental Service

Your business is a complex beast. From your washrooms to your workspaces, it needs to be maintained constantly. That means lots of purchases and wasted time, and that means lots of money goes down the drain. Sound like a pain? It really is. That’s exactly why we’ve created our ‘Managed Rental Service’.

Alsco takes care of it all. We check, maintain and replace everything you rent. You’ll benefit from clockwork maintenance, emergency support, and limitless, free replacements. What do you have to do? Pay one single annual fee – that’s it. It couldn’t be easier.

Your company’s unique, but your money concerns aren’t. That’s why you’ll benefit from our inclusive managed rental service from as little $1 a day.

Interested? Get in touch with Alsco for a free quote!

  • CLOCKWORK SERVICING Keep your business clean, professional and organised with our managed rental service.
  • WE ADAPT TO YOU Have a unique request? Need immediate emergency support? No worries, we’ve got you covered.
  • 125 YEARS OF TRAILBLAZING Since 1889, we’ve honed our service to provide you with the ultimate convenient, affordable rental experience.
  • CASHFLOW FRIENDLY Forget huge purchase fees. Forget relentless restocking. From $1 a day, Alsco will take care of absolutely everything.