Sani-Hands – Evaporating Hand Sanitiser

Sani-Hands is a powerful hand sanitiser that evaporates to leave hands dry and sanitised without the use of a towel or air dryer. It contains moisturisers to keep hands soft and prevents drying and cracking.

Sani-Hands can be used after hands have been washed or between washes on a regular basis to maintain sanitized conditions.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Alcohol-based for rapid evaporation and bacterial action
  • Additional sanitisers for enhanced bacterial control
  • Concentrated for economic cost in use
  • Contains natural moisturisers to keep hands supple and soft
  • NZFSA Approved C54


Dispense 2-5mls directly onto hands neat and rub hands together to give an even coverage. Sani-Hands will evaporate off leaving hands sanitized and moisturized.

Download Specification sheet