Revive – Natural Abrasive Cream Cleanser

Fresh & Clean Revive is a powerful cleaner with a fine natural abrasive. It is ideal for cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces without harsh scratching.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Minimal coloration for easy rinse off
  • Natural abrasive for a more gentle clean
  • Pleasant mild-citrus fragrance
  • Thickened formulation for minimising wastage and over-use
  • NZFSA Approved C32

Appearance: Thick white paste
Dilution: Rate Ready to use
Packaging: 5LTRS
Fragrance: Mild citrus


Apply Revive using a damp cloth or sponge. While the abrasive in Revive is fine, prolonged rubbing of plastic, paintwork or laminated surfaces is not recommended. Those with dry or sensitive skins may choose to wear gloves.

Download Specification sheet