Oven and Grill – Heavy Duty Cleaner

Fresh & Clean Oven & Grill is a heavy duty ready-to-use cleaner for carbon and burnt on soiling. Oven & Grill is a liquid so it runs where it is poured and is ideal for hot-plate cleaning.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Free-flowing for use on food service grills and hotplates
  • Biodegradable for a cleaner environment
  • High strength for effective first-time cleaning

Appearance: Clear solution
Dilution: Rate Ready to use
Packaging: 5LTRS
Fragrance: Nil


Use undiluted. Pour or brush over surfaces to be degreased. Leave for several minutes, agitating with a stiff brush or scraper to assist removal of soiling. Reapply as needed. Rinse with fresh water to finish. Avoid spraying. Do not apply to a hot grill. See precautions and warning panel.

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