Graffiti Gone – Graffiti Remover

Fresh & Clean Graffiti Gone is a powerful graffiti remover based on a blend of biodegradable solvents. It is effective against a wide range of mediums currently used for graffiti in New Zealand.

For best results use Graffiti Gone as soon as possible after graffiti appears. This gives Graffiti Gone a better chance of 100% removal of the graffiti and discourages offenders from “tagging” the same site again in the future.

Main Features & Benefits

  • No high-evaporative solvents for safer use
  • Biodegradable for a healthier environment
  • Non-flammable
  • Effective on most modern paints and marker pens used for tagging


Spray Graffiti Gone onto graffiti and allow 30 seconds – 3 minutes to work, then either wipe off with a damp cloth, or rinse with water. If repeating process, affected area should first be dried. Graffiti Gone is neutralized by water. NOTE: In some cases Graffiti Gone may affect the base coatings. Always test on an inconspicuous area before undertaking the entire job. Graffiti Gone may delaminate synthetic surfaces.

Download Specification Sheet