Floor Kleen – Clean, Sanitise, Spray Buff

Fresh & Clean Floor Kleen is a multipurpose cleaner and sanitiser suitable on a wide variety of modern hard surfaces for cleaning, sanitizing and maintaining lusterand vitality of polished floors.

Its unique formulation allows for a product which can safely be used as a maintainer-cleaner for polished surfaces without stripping or dulling. Natural oils bring back a shin to most hard surfaces.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Pink colour for easy identification
  • Distinctive fragrance leaving areas fresh and clean
  • Antibacterial agents for enhanced bacterial control
  • Mild pH for use on polished surfaces
  • Biodegradable for a healthier environment


Heavy/Spot Cleaning: Mix at 1:20 (5%) solution. Either spray and wipe off or mop and wipe as required.
Maintaining Mix: Mix at 1:40 (2.5%) solution for maintaining floors, walls, ceilings, showers 1:60-1:80 for polished surfaces.
Spray Buffing: Mix at 1:10 (10%) for buff glossing and cleaning

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