Challenge – Cleaner Disinfectant

Fresh & Clean Challenge is a powerful mild pH disinfectant cleaner suitable for cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces such as floors, walls, benches, bathroom and kitchen areas. Challenge leaves a lingering fresh fragrance.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Distinctive fresh fragrance leaving areas fresh and clean
  • Hospital-grade antibacterial agents to assist responsible cleaning hygiene
  • Thickened formulation for minimising wastage and over-use
  • May also be used neat as a toilet bowl cleaner
  • NZFSA Approved
  • Mild pH for sensitive surfaces


Dilute with warm or cold water from 1:20 for heavy duty cleaning to 1:50 for light cleaning and bacterial control. Challenge can be used neat as a toilet bowl cleaner and is suitable for use through high pressure water blasters for exterior cleaning. For spray n wipe applications dilute to a 10-20% solution with fresh water, or vary to suit the application.