Blue Power – Concentrated Laundry Liquid

Fresh & Clean Blue Power Concentrated Laundry Liquid is suitable for uses in all domestic and commercial washing machines.

It contains powerful surfactants and optical brightening agents to enhance fabric appearance. Blue Power works well on light, medium and heavy soiling, and is suited to domestic, hotel, motel and on-premise laundry applications.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Blue colour for easy identification
  • Suitable for both commercial and domestic use
  • Concentrated for an economy clean
  • Thickened formulation for minimising wastage and over-use
  • Biodegradable for a safer and cleaner environment


Light soiling 30-45mls per load. Medium soiling 50-65mls per load. Heavy soiling 70-100mls per load. (Standard load = 4-5lkg dry weight laundry) Do not apply directly onto fabric without diluting. Suitable for use in hot or cold water.