Bathroom Plus – Bathroom Cleaner

Fresh & Clean Bathroom Plus has been specially formulated to clean the soap/body fat build-up from baths, showers and hand basins. Contains no chlorine or harsh chemicals. Surface safe on all modern bath and glass surfaces. Formulated specifically to meet the unique demands of NZ water conditions.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Light lemon fragrance leaving areas fresh
  • Proven NZ formulation, for NZ conditions
  • Ready to use, so no mixing or pouring
  • Biodegradable for a safer, cleaner environment


Bathroom Plus is ready to use. Spray directly onto the surfaces, preferably with a foaming nozzle. Leave for a few minutes to interact with the soiling. Wipe off and rinse with fresh water. A brush or non-scratching nylon netting may be used with Bathroom Plus on heavily soiled surfaces.