Auto-Dish – Automatic Dish & Glass Washing Liquid

Auto-Dish is a high strength liquid detergent formulated for use in automatic dish washing and glass washing machines for optimum hygiene. It is suitable for use on glass, china stainless steel and plastic.

Auto-Dish is automatically fed into commercial dish wash machines via an auto pump. Speak to a Fresh & Clean representative as to its applicability for your dishwashing.

Main Features & Benefits

  • High strength formulation for low costs-per-wash
  • Biodegradable for a safer, cleaner environment
  • Concentrated for an effective first-time clean

Appearance: Clear solution
Dilution Rate: 1:100—1:150
Packaging: 5LTRS
Fragrance: Nil


Inject undiluted solution directly into wash water at a ratio of 10-15mls per litre. Use in conjunction with FRESH & CLEAN SPARKLE rinse additive.