Locker Garment Systems

Alsco don’t just offer durable laundry lockers. We’ll take your soiled uniforms and refill each of your lockers with sparkling clean, pressed uniforms for each of your employees on a regular basis. Because utmost of convenience is worth it.

Being organised isn’t simply a bonus to your business. It’s absolutely vital to your productivity and the overall morale of your staff. That’s why Alsco provide our Locker Garment Systems.

We’ll install your customised choice of lockers – no matter where you are. And with our managed rental service, you’ll always have fresh, crisp, hygienic uniforms delivered straight to your staff’s lockers – no exceptions.

Our Locker Garment Systems…

  • Can be customised to fit your needs – including shapes, sizes and features (raised plinths, and anti-dust tops)
  • Are durable and well-constructed – lasting for decades
  • Can be installed nearly anywhere in your workplace – wherever your business is
  • Sourced from only the highest-quality manufacturers in New Zealand

Alsco’s Smart Managed Garment System

With Alsco’s Managed Uniform Rental Service, we don’t just wash and return your uniforms. Using a sophisticated barcode system developed over years, we track every delivery. This includes locations, last pickup dates, number of washes, and much more.

With this Managed Garment System, Alsco’s delivery is hyper-fast and accurate. But it also means we can tweak our services to fit your business with ease – and know exactly what uniforms need replacing and when. Because a convenient experience for you is at the top of our minds – always.

Why Choose Alsco’s Locker Garment Systems?

  • Simple – With one annual fee, Alsco will change your soiled uniforms and deliver fresh, spotless, sanitised ones straight to your lockers – leaving you to focus on what truly matters
  • Convenient – This service is based on one principle – convenience. By delivering uniforms straight to your business, we save you time and money in the process
  • Bespoke – Need specific uniforms? Have an unusually high demand? We’ll happily tailor our service to your needs – and charge you $0 for the effort
  • Cost-effective – From $1 a day, benefit from limitless uniform cleaning and locker restocking – no matter your business’s demands

Interested in Alsco’s Locker Garment Systems?

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