Hand Drying

Hand drying – surprisingly – is just as important as hand washing.

Improperly dried hands aren’t just bad for hygiene. They can actually contribute to the spread of bacteria – on both yourself and in the washroom.

Alsco can help. We offer a wide range of highly-effective drying solutions for your business – no matter if you’re in the food industry, an office, or a workshop environment.

Our drying solutions are designed for work for all of our customers.

Each of Alsco’s hand drying solutions are carefully-designed to minimise the effect of bacteria spread – all the whilst providing visitors with a comfortable, quick-drying experience.

Whether you prefer traditional, tried-and-tested cloth towel dispensers (invented by Alsco), or super-fast drying jet dryers, Alsco have the range of products to work for your business.

Prepared to provide your washroom visitors with a fast, hygienic solution to drying their hands? Browse Alsco’s Hand Drying products below!