Hand Care

From typing or writing to eating and driving, we rely on our hands every day for almost every activity. This constant use makes hands susceptible to many forms of bacteria and disease, and highlights the importance of a good hand care routine.

We can stop the spread of diseases and infections. Sometimes, all it takes is a little care and cleanliness. Luckily, Alsco provide a highly effective solution.

Our hand care products are effective in getting rid of dirt and potentially harmful microbes at the same time. And limiting potential illnesses in the workplace isn’t exclusive to washrooms.

Wherever there’s a need to wash your hands, Alsco can help. Professional kitchens, office gardens, entry/exit points and more are all locations where hand care units would be of benefit. We can install a personalised hand care system to suit your business – no matter what.

Need a hand sanitiser? Or a hand soap dispenser? Maybe an automatic soap dispenser?

Alsco’s managed rental hand care service supplies, refills and maintains your washroom units – at no extra cost. It’s the convenient, cost-effective solution to hygiene for your workplace.

Ready to keep your spaces clean and hygienic and your people healthy and happy? Browse Alsco’s Hand Care products below!