If your retail venue is not perfectly equipped, not to mention, absolutely sanitary, your customers will soon start to question the quality of your merchandise and your prices. Therefore, you need to make sure you run a hygienic and professional business. Alsco can help you with maintaining your washroom and equipping it with all necessary elements and consumables. We also have uniforms, floor mats that prevent dirt and dust and even help your employees who stand throughout their shifts.


Retail workers in professional looking uniforms leave excellent first impressions and boost sales. They also feel better about their work and they are better team players. There are many advantages of retail employee uniforms, but there is one big downside – the maintenance! Get rid of that downside and let Alsco pick up, wash and deliver uniforms for all your workers.


A nice, big company logo at the very entrance of your retail venue looks excellent and improves your brand awareness. Anti-fatigue mats will improve the productivity of your employees by providing them with better comfort. Not to mention that our mats will make your retail venue much cleaner since they will stop the dirt from ever entering it.

First Aid

Accidents can happen anywhere and your retail business should be prepared for such occasions, as well. The best way to do so is to make sure you always have enough well-stocked First Aid Kits in your venue. Alsco can offer excellent First Aid Kits that match your needs and we also stock and restock them so you never worry about their supplies.


Consumables are the great, unsung heroes of your workplace. They help keep your washrooms and most used spaces clean, hygienic and presentable. Alsco offer a wide range of cleaning consumables to keep you stocked up at all times – no matter your needs.


  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Paper Towels
  • Soap, Hand Hygiene
  • Tissues, Napkins, Wipers, Cloths
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Washroom

First Response

You don’t want to leave figuring out your workplace defibrillators, spill kits and emergency response systems to the last minute. That last minute can be a minute too late. Put your trust with Alsco as we already know all about first response needs of retail facilities. Our experience and your readiness to make your workplace a safer place – that’s the combination that will prevent many disasters.


Your staff will be much more pleased with their job and your customers much more impressed with your store if you ensure the washroom is absolutely flawless and nicely scented. To achieve this you just need to contact Alsco and simply forget about your troubles with washrooms. We will install all the necessary elements and fill them up with soap, sanitising liquid, scented spray, towels and similar items that you need in the washroom.