Office & Workplace

Spending hours in an office day after day has its challenges. That can make your employees slower and much less productive. Provide them with comfort and good working conditions so they happily spend their time in their offices. Alsco can help you by ensuring your washroom is always clean and pleasantly scented. Your office floors should be covered with mats that protect your employees from dirt and germs, which is also something Alsco can help you with. Learn about all the ways Alsco does your work for you.


Office clothes don’t usually resemble uniforms. That’s why Alsco has special garments that work perfectly well, even in the office settings. Also, your office building usually have maintenance staff that could use some good overalls or high-quality shirts and jackets that make them look professional and stylish at the same time, while protecting them from dirt. Check out the entire range of our uniforms.


Your office space can be richer for several great displays of your company logo. It’s easy to do so if you put it on your floor mats. In that way, you will boost your brand and improve the team spirit around your office. But that’s not all Alsco floor mats can do for your office. They can prevent the germs, viruses and other microbes from entering your office and spreading the contamination. Floor mats can do much good and Alsco’s floor mats are the best among the best.


There’s no much use in having nice washroom elements or hand drying option in your workplace if they are empty half of the time. Consumables that aren’t lacking is what makes your office space really great. Have all your consumables regularly restocked and all your washroom elements refilled without having to contact anybody. Alsco’s services ensure you always have what you need, when you need it.



  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Paper Towels
  • Soap, Hand Hygiene
  • Tissues, Napkins, Wipers, Cloths
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Washroom

First Aid

Even thought there is no heavy machinery in an office space, that doesn’t mean that they are 100% accident free. In order to contain the accidents as soon as possible and prevent them from escalating, you need functional and well-supplied First Aid Kits. Alsco offers just the type. We regularly keep them filled and replace all the supplies you run out of.

First Response

Having properly stocked First Aid Kits is necessary, but it is not the only thing that needs to be ready when the emergency situation occurs. To be properly ready, you need Automatic Portable Defibrillators, spill kits and functional emergency response systems. That’s the only way to truly make your office a safe place.


Studies have shown that smelly and unsanitary washrooms can significantly decrease the satisfaction and the productivity of your employees. Keeping them 100% clean is not that easy since they are frequented by your employees, visitors and others. That’s why Alsco’s Managed Washroom Service is the best answer for any New Zealand office. We supply you with all the necessary elements and make sure that are stocked and restocked.