The mining industry has many challenges, most of them are about workplace safety. That is why many mining businesses in New Zealand trust Alsco to help them with some of the safety aspects. Alsco offers high-quality industrial workweat, but also different types of floor mats and First Aid kits. Since bacteria are also a threat to miners, it is a good idea to look into Alsco’s Managed Washroom Services because it provides for flawlessly cleaned and stocked washrooms with no effort from your side.


Alsco offers garments that are made of heavyweight cotton drill, as well as polycotton blend. These garments can be made UV and stain resistant or fire-retardant. Also, contact Alsco if you need high-visibility workwear, because we offer excellent uniforms of that quality.


Mining can be dangerous as it is, so there is no need to add to the safety challenges it already has. With that in mind, try preventing the slips and trips with Alsco’s floor mats. At the same time, they will prevent dirt and dust buildups and stop it from spreading further. You can even pick Anti Fatigue Mats, No Slip Mats, Wet Area Mats and many more.


Mining industry is specific and it involves a lot of dust and dirt. It is challenging to find the best and the most efficient way to conduct proper hand hygiene in those conditions. That’s why Alsco offers its revolutionary, continuous towel as just one part of the carefully designed hand washing and hand drying systems. Additionally, Industrial Wipes are available, also and they are a life-saver in situations when different types of surfaces need a quick and efficient wipe.


First Aid

Anyone who works in mining would know it’s an industry where the risk of accidents is high and safety is of paramount importance. Which is why you should think about being totally prepared for any situation with an up to date, specialised First Aid Kit from Alsco. We can provide you with a range of safety products such as an Eye Wash Station and an Automated External Defibrillator for emergency situations. Importantly our Managed Training Services ensure that your business remains WH&S compliant at all times.

First Response

There is absolutely no room for taking safety for granted when it comes to Mining industry. First Aid Kits are simply not enough. That’s why Alsco New Zealand offers spill kits that help you contain dangerous spills and portable defibrillators to use in extreme emergencies. Your first response is vital, so make it count.



When you are in the mining business, you know how important it is to clean up after a long day of work. But, that is impossible if your workplace washroom isn’t properly stocked and supplied with all the necessary elements and consumables. It is difficult to keep track of all the soaps, towels and similar items when you have a business to run. Alsco New Zealand does that for you. Our managed washroom service includes all the soap dispensers, hand dryers and sanitisers, odour control, and much more.