Government & Services

Government workplaces should reflect the values of the entire community and that is why it is unthinkable for them to be dirty and unhygienic or lacking in supplies. Alsco can help improve and maintain the image of a government office. We offer uniforms, floor mats, washroom services, First Aid Kits and we have wide range of products to choose from. Alsco services can improve the conditions of government workplaces.


Safety standards must apply to any Government workplace in New Zealand. Some of those standards involve workwear. Alsco offers a wide range of different sorts of workwear that you can use to protect your employees. We also replace them, wash them and iron them, delivering them all ready to wear.


The first line of defence against dirt and dust are actually the floor mats. Alsco offers a wide range of different types of mats, but one thing is in common for all of them – they are highly efficient in preventing the dirt and germs from spreading all over your workplace. We have Anti-fatigue, welcome mats, logo mats and many more. Discover how easily you can achieve excellent floor cleanliness with no effort since Alsco cleans the mats regularly.


The state of your Government workplace hygiene will soon deteriorate if you don’t replenish the consumables often enough. That’s why Alsco offers this service. All consumables that we offer will be regularly re-stocked, refilled and replaced, so you never run our of them.


  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Paper Towels
  • Soap, Hand Hygiene
  • Tissues, Napkins, Wipers, Cloths
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Washroom

First Aid

Employees working in government workplaces need to be safe and secure and all possible injuries should be prevented if possible. Sometimes, accidents do happen. However, the negative consequences should be dealt with immediately. You need proper equipment for that, as well as the supplies. You will find all you need in Alsco First Aid Kits. They are packed with all the necessary items you need for the fast and efficient response.


Washrooms in Government industry need to be spotless in order for the image of such workplaces to be maintained. Alsco’s Managed Washroom Service offers just the thing you need. We install our own washroom elements that you choose and then come in regularly to replenish the consumables in them. It means you can completely forget about your soaps, sanitisers and similar items. Alsco remembers for you.