The specifics of engineering business require specific workplace equipment. This means specially designed and treated uniforms, durable floor mats, First Aid Kits and even washroom supplies. Alsco understands the needs of your business and we do our best to meet them.


Alsco’s range of industrial workwear will be more than suitable for all engineering businesses in New Zealand. UV resistant workwear is perfect for those that work on the sun all day. Stain resistance and fire retardant finishes are also an option for our garments that are made out of heavy cotton or polycotton fabrics.


Floor mats can do more for your engineering business than you can imagine. They will prevent the bacteria and germs from entering your workplace. They will stop the dirt and the dust right at your door step. They will promote your brand, keep your employee safe from slips and go easy on their joints even if they stand for prolonged periods of time. The best part is – you don’t have to wash them. Alsco does that.


It is hard to maintain workplace hygiene at an engineering company. All the grease and oil that comes with the work is hard to clean, especially if you want to do it in an eco-friendly manner. That’s why you need Alsco’s Ecosafe Washer that doesn’t use harmful chemicals to clean your parts, but still manages to eliminate all the dirt from them. That’s not all from our range of products. Boost your hygiene with our hand washing systems, continuous towel and industrial wipes.


First Aid

The only way to keep an engineer workplace as safe as possible is to prepare for the worst. The Alsco’s First Aid Kits are just what you need when the things turn sour. They contain all the supplies you need, according to the New Zealand regulations. They are regularly stocked and re-stocked by our representatives, so you always have what you need in case of an emergency.

First Response

Your first response in the case of emergency can make a difference between life and death. Therefore, don’t leave it to chance and get prepared for any occasion. Dangerous spills can be contained by our powerful spill kits, while our defibrillators can help you save lives. Combine that equipment with our First Aid Kits and ensure unprecedented workplace safety.


Engineering workplaces require a bit of extra effort in order to be kept safe and sanitary, due to the nature of work. However, it is possible to have sanitary washrooms with top level of hygiene and functional elements, such as hand washing and hand drying options, without a capital investment. Alsco offers that and much more. You can explore our efficient odour control products, as well as the feminine hygiene elements.